Today's purchases

I apparently have a shopping addiction. Whaddaya gonna do right?
One thing that you should understand about me, is that I don't buy shit cause I think other people are gonna like it, I buy it because I like it. As previous ensembles have proven, I don't care too much about what appeals to the masses. I hate the fucking masses anyway. If I like it ima rock it. Done and done.
On that note, here is what I purchased today.

Pageant shoulder tee. It's like Dynasty meets Thunderdome. Two of my favorite things. Just got the top not the skirt. I like the skirt, but I don't LOVE the skirt.

Mistress buckle Stilettos. These babies are money! I may or may not bust my ass in them, but I will look good doing it! They may also come in handy if I need to deliver any headbutts to an extra tall individual. Just sayin. :)


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GrittyVelvet said...

That shoulder pad is super f*&%$* AMAZING!