What's that sound? Thats the sound of my shoes.

Sad but true, a stripper can’t be a stripper all her life. There comes a time in every strippers career when the bump and grind just isn’t the same. She's left of course with a plethora of thigh high gym socks, school girl skirts and g-strings, and let's not forget those 7 inch clear platforms whos heels have knocked together more times than Dorothy's ruby slippers. As if the alluring sound of cheap hard plastic on a mirrored stage didn’t bring in enough crisp tented one dollar bills. The environment loving ass shaker can always recycle those puppies!
Peep these stripper shoe planters from Giddy Spinster. Don't trip skip, these aren’t just planters made to look like stripper shoes. These are the real deal. They have been walked in, danced in, and probably spent a lot of time in the air, or propped nicely on some lucky dudes shoulders. I suppose that’s up to your imagination. These shoes have been given new life, sanded hollowed and each filled with an beautiful cactus or plant of some kind.
I personally think this is a brilliant idea. Not your abuelitas clay pot! They are badass for sure! One of these beauties will run you between $40-$80 but so fucking worth it in my opinion! So whether your fetish is with strippers, or feet or shoes..... or plants (which would be weird) cop you one of these for your coffee table. The best part will be the expression on mamas face next time she visits.

make it happen...

Oh and just for kicks, here is one of my new favorite songs about shoes.

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