To infinity.... and beyond!

Came across this shit a while back while looking for some housewarming gifts for the bestie. All handmade pieces by artist Ryan McElhinney. This stuff is fucking ridic! Check all the throwback toys, you cant fuck with Barbie and Buzz Lightyear! And is that Triple H all up in the mix too? Wacha! I gotta quit throwing away all of minis old action figures.
I'm gonna need to cop one of the lamps for my living room table to put next to my stripper shoe cactus!

"Each sculpture is one of kind and handcrafted at my london studio. Made of recycled toys which are bonded together, then coated in a high gloss polyurethane laquer."  ~Ryan McElhinney

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J Bunny. said...

those are awesome... you could totally martha stewart those.