Episode Fizive

Episode #5 is official. Sounds Supreme is back and Field Day Radio is now on many of your ipods/Cd players/etc. We want to keep this going strong every week, present new music from across the spectrum as well as deliver timeless classics. On this episode we have the likes of Bloc Party, Amanda Blank, Kenna, Lupe Fiasco, Nas, Donwill, and a bunch of other dope artists. Next month we'll have DJ Styles N Fashion in the mix as well as an episode that will set off the Summer in a proper way. It will include all songs that remind us of Summer. Stuff to play at BBq's, the park, camping, etc. Enjoy the mix friends!
Big ups to these dudes who do this shit every week. Has to be hard work, no fuckin joke! And they murder it every time! Can't wait for the BBQ mix, I need that shit in my life ASAP. One small request from The Gen: Make sure it has some oldies on it. Oldies = summertime in my book!

April Showers

So if I didn't have to worry about my hair getting nappy or my lashes falling off; I'd totally go play in the rain all barefoot style. Sucks being a diva sometimes.
It's because of these worries that I discovered I do not own an umbrella. (I always find shit out the hard way, like when it snowed a bazillon feet and I was in sitlettos (duh) and discovered I didn't own gloves with fingers or a fucking snowscraper! Let me just tell you scraping wet heavy snow in stileetos and fingerless gloves with a shitty club promotion flyer is not as glamorous as it sounds.) Anyway, I'm gonna need to invest in one oh and a snowcraper too.
Here are some of my top runners:

Again I'd much rather not block the rain at all. Fuck being a grown up for sure!


The rain reminds me of this song. This is on my sexytime mix. Takin' it back..... ahhhh yeah (Barry White voice)

Office Assassin

Since Jenna got dibs on the knife holder I settled for the pen holder. 80% as cool and half the price. Just ordered it for my desk. What will the boss say? Hmmmm who gives fuck.

It is.

Field Day Radio - Episode III


Episode #3 is in the building. I hope everyone has enjoyed the first couple that we've put out. We're just getting started! DJ SOUP will be holding down next weeks episode so be on the lookout for that. In this episode we have Big Boi's 1st single off his new album, Colorado's very own FOOD CHAIN, Passion Pit, Pase Rock, J Davey, and many others. Enjoy!
MP3 aqui
Podcast aqui
Track List:
Big Boi - Shutterbug
Talib Kweli - Ha Ha (Slow Down)
Foodchain - Yes Indeed (G-Girl)
Chiddy Bang - Opposite Of Adults
Q-Tip - Let's Ride
Kid Cudi - Man On The Moon
Le Le - Breakfast
La Roux - Bulletproof
Empire Of The Sun - Walking On A Dream
Fully Fitted - 100 Million
Estelle Ft. Kardianl Offishal - Freak
Pase Rock - Nights
J Davey - Outta The Window
Thunderheist - Jerk It
Ski Beatz Ft. Rugz D Bewler - Super Bad
Ms. Dynamite - Ms-Dy-Na-Mi-Tee
The Black Keys Ft. Intuition - Psychotic Girl
Outasight Ft. Asher Roth - Catch Me If You Can
Passion Pit - Sleepy Head
Yacht - Psychic City

Wassup Doc?

I'm gonna need to purchase these hot pink metallic docs. I've had my eye on them for a while, and have made the decision to buy them. I will most likely get the yellow ones too, just cause. YES, I still fuck with docs, and have since 1994. I like them and they have proven effective when someone requires a swift kick in the mouth. Can't rock stilettos all the time, right?


I forgot this bitch exisited. She's funny. I like this vid. I feel like the spray paint shit is something me and friends would do.

Do you know where you are?

Bet he won't talk back when you're wearing these...

I made these shoes for March of The Zombies II. They are currently owned & operated by one of the baddest bitches I know. Wacha

For your boo boos

Because basic bitches use basic bandaids. Bad bitches use something like this:

And I own these ones. On a count of I love kisses! I never get to use them though, cause I never ger cut. Duh.

So good it make em wanna tattoo my lips on em.

Awww yeah, one of my new fav songs remixed with a few of the ORIGINAL bad bitches! Eve is back and more fierce than ever. Don't even get me started on Trina, "Still got the crown for best ass in the game". I need me a Trina ass for sure! Nicki Minaj is bad, but she'll never hold a candle to these bitches.

This fuckin guy!

As you know, I attended the Mac Lethal show last week (which was afuckingmazing) Usually opening acts are well.... opening acts for a reason. But alas, to my surprise was Prof, this fuckin guy murdered shit! I'm so glad I got there in time to see his performance! Dude is a fucking monster, or should I say a fucking animal! I LOVED every single song he performed. He wrecked the shit outta Denver! He was obviously a hard act to follow, because I cant even remember who performed between Him & Lethal. I purchased his Kaiser Von Powderhorn 2 cd after the show, and it is fire! Now, it should be said that I am not a hip hop fan; but a music fan. I listen to whatever makes my head move and makes me feel good. Trust this dude does that.
Here is his video for "I'm an Animal" its funny and reminds me of em before he got fat and went crazy.
Prof is the fucking business. Ask somebody.

Oh and go here  for some free downloads of his shit. You won't be sorry.

Field Day Radio #2

As promised! Here is episode 2 of our weekly Field Day Radio/Podcast. In this mix we have some heaterzzzz!!! Erykah Badu, Yeah Yeah Yeahs, Digable Planets, Wale, Major Lazer, plus more all in this weeks mix. Enjoy the listen!
MP3 Download: DJ Amen - Field Day Radio Episode #2
Podcast: DJ Amen - Field Day Radio Episode #2
First Friday event from my peeps down at TS. Be there or fuck off.
ps. Jesus totally wears goggles... and now you know.