Episode Fizive

Episode #5 is official. Sounds Supreme is back and Field Day Radio is now on many of your ipods/Cd players/etc. We want to keep this going strong every week, present new music from across the spectrum as well as deliver timeless classics. On this episode we have the likes of Bloc Party, Amanda Blank, Kenna, Lupe Fiasco, Nas, Donwill, and a bunch of other dope artists. Next month we'll have DJ Styles N Fashion in the mix as well as an episode that will set off the Summer in a proper way. It will include all songs that remind us of Summer. Stuff to play at BBq's, the park, camping, etc. Enjoy the mix friends!
Big ups to these dudes who do this shit every week. Has to be hard work, no fuckin joke! And they murder it every time! Can't wait for the BBQ mix, I need that shit in my life ASAP. One small request from The Gen: Make sure it has some oldies on it. Oldies = summertime in my book!