April Showers

So if I didn't have to worry about my hair getting nappy or my lashes falling off; I'd totally go play in the rain all barefoot style. Sucks being a diva sometimes.
It's because of these worries that I discovered I do not own an umbrella. (I always find shit out the hard way, like when it snowed a bazillon feet and I was in sitlettos (duh) and discovered I didn't own gloves with fingers or a fucking snowscraper! Let me just tell you scraping wet heavy snow in stileetos and fingerless gloves with a shitty club promotion flyer is not as glamorous as it sounds.) Anyway, I'm gonna need to invest in one oh and a snowcraper too.
Here are some of my top runners:

Again I'd much rather not block the rain at all. Fuck being a grown up for sure!

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J Bunny. said...

bahahhaha i remember when you had to scrape that snow with that flyer... i cant remember what it was from... but it sure came in handy. hahaha funniest shit ever. you are such a diva!