Faux Real

Ok I'm gonna break it down for you like I do. I am fully aware that some of you motherfuckers won't like, and won't agree with what I have to say, and pretty much I don’t fucking care. It's my fucking blog, if you have an opinion start your own fucking blog.

For as long as I can remember I hear bitches hollering about how they're "real" how their hair is "real", how their nails are "real" how their tits are "real". And for as long as I can remember I hear dudes hollering about how they want a "real" chick. Whatevs, I fucking doubt it! The way I see it, there is a bit of confusion between "real" and "REAL" I honestly don't think not a motherfucking bitch I know is "real" and that’s just how I like it! Who the fuck is anyone to say what is "real" and what isn't? Yes, all the hair on your head was grown from your scalp, and that's "real". But guess what? All that color in it, is not. Your finger nails may not be glued on, but all the polish on em, yup...not "real" sugar. Makeup isn't "real", hair color isn't "real", nail polish isn't "real" a lot of the shit we do to ourselves on a daily basis isn't "real". Who the fuck cares, honestly?
Not one of us walks around today just the way God made us. If we did, we'd be some pasty, hairy, mostly ugly motherfuckers. I see it as maintenance. All I'm saying, is do what the fuck makes you happy with yourself. If you feel better with extensions in your hair, lashes on your eyes, silicone in your bra, clean shaven, teeth whitened, skin bronzed, then do it and rock the fuck out of it! Don't be so worried about being "real" or being "fake" worry about being you. And that goes for my natural girls too, if you feel better with a clean face, and the ass yo mama gave you, then work that too bitch! And guys, if you're looking for a girl based solely on if she wears makeup or extensions or not, then I'm afraid you have more serious problems. Personally, there’s a lot of shit about me that isn't "real" lemme break it down for you: I rock fake lashes almost everyday of my life, and more makeup than you'd care to know about. Everything from the nose down is waxed or shaved. My grill is whitened on a monthly basis. My fingers and toes polished weekly. I rock extensions when I feel like it. And yeah, the purple hair, well you can probably guess it didn’t grow in that way. Who knows I may even have some shit nipped and tucked and..... well, enhanced. Why? Cause it makes me fucking feel good.
So, just so we're all clear here, what I'm saying is that your hair, nails, makeup, or anything else you do or don't do esthetically does not make you "REAL". The way I see it, "REAL" is who you are and not what you look like. So if you're "REAL" you are that way from the minute you wake up, bad breath, no makeup whatever to the minute you close your eyes at night. I know that when I'm sitting at home in my sweatpants, hair tied, no makeup, I'm just as "REAL" as I am in 5inch stilettos and red lipstick. I can also tell you that the bitches in my life, are the "REALEST" bitches I know, false lashes, fake tits, Jersey tans, and plastic finger nails included!
And now you fucking know....

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