In Paris, people think in French

Even thought its been a minute since I've posted a shit I've learned slash shit I'm thinking about list,  does not mean I have not thought about or learned anything lately. Geez like my mind is all empty! Not even close. So here it is a list of a bunch of shit:
1. Maintaining a blog is not as easy as it once was.
2. I'm not half bad at graphic design.
3. Apparently most females don't own slash shoot guns, only a special few. I also learned owning slash shooting guns is not appropriate tea party convo. Oh and I learned that I don't really give a fuck, and I'll say whatever I want.
4. Some people think that 30 is too old for purple hair. Some people don't care what some people think and will color my hair purple if I feel like it.
5. The iPhone works fucking great for pretty much everything except a phone.
6. Pantera does not belong on Sunday afternoon BBQ mixes... heh, who knew?
7. Nobody cruises Federal on Cinco de Mayo anymore, and it makes me kinda sad. The police ruin everyones good time.
8. My son is the single most amazing human I know, and I hope he never ever grows out of "mommy kisses"
9. Contrary to popular belief volleyball does not really come naturally to all white people.
10. Stop using the first stall from the left.
11. Shoe shopping is a sick addiction. There needs to be some kind of support group.
12. White beaters, tan dickes, and chuck tays will never go out of style.
13. Bipolar disorder is a serious and not a funny joke.
14. Anti meth commercials are still fucking hilarious to me. I wish someone on meth would come over and clean my house. I'd hide all my valuables and coloring books of course. Can't trust those methers!
15. A true friend will shoot any bird who attempts to peck your eyes out, no questions asked.
16. The move Mannequin is complete bullshit. Mannequins are scary and not fun at all!
17. Elbow tattoos are the single worst form of torture ever! But look tuff as fuck when said and done.
18. Social networking is exhausting, I'm starting to question if it's worth it at all...
19. Fuck TFLN Bunnny and The General are the funniest most legit bitches on the face of the earth.
20. Rain is natures lube.
21. Sometimes I feel like everyone is high except me.
22. I miss making these lists and vow to do it more often!

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J Bunny. said...

a. we are mos def wayyyyyyy funnier than tfln b. dont you ever talk bad about tfln again... its pretty much the only reason i have to get out of bed in the morning. and c. do tweakers like to color? hahahahahah how do you know that?