and theeeen...

It's about that time again.

1. Grapes, lemons, hWhiskey, cough drops, tea, honey, delsym, tequila, or robutussin do absolutely nothing for a cough! I feel like there is a demon doing head spins in my throat. Fuck him!
2. United Airlines are a bunch of rapers! Money hungry and mean assholes!
3. People look at you funny when you start praying the rosary on an airplane.
4. Arkansas is not a place I like to visit. The only good things about this place are sweet tea and extra legit radio stations. Denver radio should take notice of whatever Little Rock radio is doing and follow suit.
5. Edward Scissor Hands gloves were by far one of the best purchases i've made to date.
6. If a house is equipped with an air conditioning system, there is no good reason not to fucking use it!
7. Being sick in the summer is seriously the worst! I'd much rather be cold and sick than fucking melting and sick.
8. Tattoo sleeves seemed like a much better idea when wearing long sleeves wasn't such torture! Fuck the man!
9. I burned my boob with my curling iron today. Only I could pull off something so nearly impossible as this. Let me just tell you, it IS as bad as it sounds.
10. I am beyond excited for hot rod pin-up time this weekend! Wacha!
11. Even spf60 baby sunblock will not prevent me from getting sunburned. I am the whitest brown bitch ever!

... that's all for now

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