I'll say whatever the duck I want...

Yep, I am officially the proud owner of the new freshness that is the iPhone 4! Fuckin right doggy! I can't wait to waste even more time on my phone than I did before! Maybe this phone will make it a little easier to text and drive! Sheesh! But to be honest if you call me and I don't wanna talk to you, or you text me and I don't text you back; I'll most likely still use the "Hmmm, that's weird, my phone must be fucking up" line. Heh.
While I'm moving up and on from my 3G, it will always hold a special place in my heart! So in honor of my 3G piece of shit here is list of words that I apparently use frequently enough for the iPhone to save them and auto complete them in my everyday texting slash emailing slash tweeting.

1. t&a - which = tits and ass for the dumb fucks who didn't know. This is an important acronym and should be used frequently by everyone.
2. Godzilla - Now not only does my phone auto-complete Godzilla, it also capitalizes it. Because duh its totally a proper noun! "I'm on your side, I hate Godzilla too. He destroys cities" Bahaha
3. allthefuckingtime - Now technically this is 3 words minus the spaces. I believe it should be one word, and it should be used... well... allthefuckingtime.
4. fucktards - This one is best when your mother is attempting to search "Fudruckers" in your phone, and it pops up as a suggestion.
5. Beeotch - I'm pretty sure this one speaks for itself. I use it mostly when texting Rachel and/or Jenna.
6. Whorebath - Duh.... ask somebody
7. motherfucker(s) - This one is used more than almost anyother word in my vocabulary.  I use it in both singular and plural form. Those of you who know me, already know what it is.
8. ruhtard - From "The Hangover" I'm not a ruhtard...
9. bwaaahahahaha - I use this when something requires more than a LOL or a LMFO. Like for shit that's funnier than average.
10. chicka/yeeeah/boiiiiiiii - It completes all three of these words on a count of I use the phrase "chicka chicka yeeeah boiiiiii" quite often. Haha thanks McLovin.

So heres to you old iPiece, you've seen some texts/photos that'd make Jenna Jameson blush! Haha. Let's hope the 4 catches on quickly and realizes that I will never ever be trying to say "duck me".

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J Bunny. said...

bahahha... your new phone has a lot of learning to do!!! my fav autocorrect is 'skanenstein' hahaha.