I'm here to show you things you don't know you like yet...

Behold, the most recent additions to my collection:

I had to have this, it reminded me of Nacho Libre. I will rock it with my Luchador mask and stretchy pants. It'll most likely be amazing.

Copped these babies online. They screamed my name, I couldn't say no. Yes, I got both colors. "Every girl needs three things. A dumb dress, a pair of fuck me pumps, and a pair a sunnies that'll land every motherfucker in the ER with a broken neck."

Last, but mo certainly not least.... these beauties! I'm pretty sure they speak for themselves. I keeps the heat on my feet.... 

This oughtta keep my clones busy for a while.... Just remember... No matter what you doin, you can't do it like me.

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