"The taste of her Cherry Chapstick"

In honor of Pride Fest this weekend, here are a few fresh slash hilarious items that every gay should have.

Gay Bar Soap... just dont drop it!

Motion activated rainbow projector.
AA Legalize Gay Tee.

Oh and ladies if you even want a chance at sucking face with Katy Perry, you'll need this.
These are all just fun of course. On a more serious note I think sexuality should be celebrated and NOT condemned. I think the good lord loves us all the same. And furthermore FUCK "the man" for tryna keep the gays down! I say let em get married, or kiss or sex eachother, or adopt asian babies or whatever they wanna do! People are people, thats it!  Mind ya business, that's all just mind ya business!

Disclaimer: This is all just my opinion. This does not mean that i'm a gay. I like boys very much. And I may or may not have open mouth kissed one or four girls at one time or another. And I moy or may not have liked it very much :)

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