"You can't tie me down babydoll"

Ok, so I know Pac spit a fuck load of real deep shit during his short time with us. Most people dissect it and talk about the irony of his lyrics and this and that. And shit, whatevs, that's cool. As for me I think this is BY FAR one of the dopest Pac verses ever! It's not about dying or heaven or crack or his mama, but some good old fashion smashin! He kept it light with this one. I like that.
"Finger tips on the hips as I dip,            
gotta get a tight grip                           
Don't slip loose lips sink ships, it s a trip
I love the way she licks her lips,            
see me jocking
Put a little twist in her hips
cause I'm watching
Conversations on the phone
til the break of dawn
Now we all alone, why the lights on?
Turn 'em off, time to set it off,
get you wet and soft
Something's on your mind, let it off
You don't know me, you just met me,
you won't let me
Well if I couldn't have it (silly rabbit)
why you sweating me?
It's a lot of real G's doing time
Cause a groupy bit the truth& told a lie
You picked the wrong guy                      
baby if you're too fly                             
You need to hit the door,                      
search for a new guy                            
 Cause I only got one night in town         
Break out or be clown,                          
baby doll are you down?                        
I get around"                                        

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