Fucket List

Everytime I hear "Bucket List" I think of "Fucket List" unlike the bucket list its not a list of things i'd like to fuck, but rather things that should fuck off so to speak. And a "Gen list" is long over due.
So here it goes, FUCK the following things:
  1. Traffic (duh) this will forever be at the top of this list
  2. The Police. Ask NWA
  3. Feelings. You know
  4. The man. You're not the boss of me!
  5. Bills (courtesy of Miss Kristi)
  6. Being to work on time. (this one courtesy of BJT )
  7. Headaches. They are stupid and ruin my day.
  8. Sucker bitches. You know who you are, actually prob not cause you're pretty dumb too.
  9. Chipped nail polish
  10. Forever. Forever is bullshit.
  11. AT&T
  12. Being broke
  13. Stalkers. Seriously, fuck you.
  14. Clothes. It's pretty much waaay too hot for these motherfuckers right now.
  15. Being confused. It's definately the worst shit ever.
  16. Being an old bitch.
  17. Running out of hairspray and/or bobby pins.
  18. Mosquito bites. I hate these little motherfuckers.
  19. Bees and thier hives and all thier homies. ;)
  20. And last but not least. Ed Hardy. Fuck Ed Hardy. For real people. knock it off with this shit already!

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