I do have a job, and I do have shit to do.

I'm so fucking glad today is Friday. All day yesterday felt like Friday, and there is nothing worse than thinking it's Friday all day when it's really Thursday. Nothing. So in honor of Friday, here is a list (duh, what the fuck did you expect) of shit that I think is legit about Friday. Ill use bullet points this time just to change things up.
  • It's the last day of the working for "The Man", well until Monday anyway.
  • There is usually some sort of alcoholic beverage involved.
  • Even tho we don't have "casual Friday" I usually dress down anyway. Say something.
  • I mostly don't do very much work on Fridays. Well that's most days, but more so on Fridays.
  • My last few Friday nights have been.... well pretty fucking amazing. Hoping to roll with that trend.
  • After Friday comes Saturday which is even better than Friday!
  • I usually take it upon myself to leave work early.
  • And I'm extra excited about today's Friday because I get to shoot with the Diva herself and my favorite greaser!
So put your fucking Friday face on and lets burn shit down!

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