Things I heart

Yeah, it's that fucking simple. This is list of things I heart.
  • Mini - My son, no his names not really mini, dumbfucks. It's AJ and I heart the motherfucker.
  • Ma Dukes - Thanks for giving birth to me. Everyone else thanks you too.
  • My Papa Bear - Thanks for knockin up Ma Dukes, and teaching me how to be brown.
  • My Brother - ok, he's kind of an asshole. But no one has my back like he does.
  • Kelli - Kelli is short for Germaine. Once, in HS I got my ass whooped by this big bitch, and so G came down with her shell toe adidas and womped the fuck outta her. It was great. She's my ride or die still to this day.
  • Genchel - This is a combo between General & Rachel, together we are Genchel and we will take over the world. Muuuahahahaaaa (evil laugh)
  • Bunnnny & The Gen - Well this one has been retired for a bit, but in our prime no one could touch us.
  • Lip gloss - It brings all the boys to the yard. Duh.
  • Cursing - Yeah I speak French! It's extra fucking classy. Ask my mom.
  • The Bird - AKA the middle finger, AKA fuck you. I speak fucking sign language too. All fucking day.
  • Stilettos - Yes, they hurt and they fuck up your feet, and sometimes make you fall down. But motherfuck no one can rock a stiletto like this bitch!
  • Sunsets - I think they're really fucking pretty, I usually nearly wreck trying to take pictures of them. (not in Kansas)
  • Oldies - I've been told my music selection mostly sucks. The majority of it consists of oldies. Even though they're called oldies, they really never get old to me.
  • Word Smashing - This is the art of taking two or more words and smashing them together into one even more amazing word. ex. Drexting = driving+texting. It could also be people like the afore mentioned Genchel. Another good one is wogging = walking+jogging. I could go forever, you get it.
  • Makeup - I heart all of it pretty much. It makes ugly bitches pretty, and pretty bitches gorgeous. Try it.
  • Kisses - I like kisses of all varieties. Including, but not limited to: mouth, forehead, butterfly, echo, baby, eskimo, soft, hard. You get the idea. Kissing is the best! I give kisses all day son! Not really tho.
  • Sunglasses - I mostly have to wear them on a count of my future's so bright. Or sometimes to conceal my identity. But usually I wear them to keep the sun .outta my eyes. Duh.
  • Panties - Not so much the item itself, but just the word "panties" I like to say it, I think it's the best.
  • Chelada - Or mi Chelada as the super mexis call it. Red beer for you wonder bread muhfuckas. It's delicious, I like to think of it as the ghetto bloody mary.
Theres a bunch of other shit I heart, but to be honest with you it's almost the end of the day and I have to pee really fucking bad! So you'll just have to use your imagination.

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GrittyVelvet said...

Hahah Ohhhhh how how I love thee! You are my gurrrrl til death do us part! Big hearts!!!!!!