You feelin froggy? Then leap!

Here is some shit that I am currently thinking about, in list form on a count of I just took a second dose of adderall. Deal with it.
  1. Smiley face fireworks DID happen! I just need to find a way to prove it or else I will be in the market for a pink pony.
  2. Preparing to be in front of the camera is much more challenging than being behind the scenes.
  3. I can't wait to be wrath and play with guns and use boys as accessories.
  4. When you're hooked on something, 3 days without it can feel like a forevs!
  5. Some people are so dumb that they don't even really know that they're dumb.
  6. The lack of accessories for the iPhone 4 is ridic! Step your fucking game up cell phone accessory making motherfuckers!
  7. I'm wearing hammer pants today, and they mos def look as ridiculous as they did 17 years ago.
  8. You can pretty much paint anything with nailpolish and it'll look legit.
  9. My roots are growing in blonde. I'm positive God is punishing me.
  10. I cannot fucking wait for Sublime on Saturday! Even tho Bradley is on dead guy status, It will without a doubt be amazing!
  11. I'm officially fucking over hearing about twilight. Harry Potter is way better than these dumb fuck sparkly vampire movies. News flash! No one is scared of a fucking sparkly vampire!  
  12. I'm still trying to decide if  buying my 10 year old an iPhone was the best or the worst idea i've ever had.
  13. Pizza + ranch dressing + doritos + Cheladas + 7 boxes of candy + scary/confusing movies+ Stay the Night mixtape + reserved parking + sofa colored manicures = cloud fucking 9
  14. I'm SO glad that the Dick inspections are over!
  15. Mosquitoes are straight from hell! What good do they even do? I mean do they serve a purpose other than sucking blood and spreading disease?
  16. I'm considering a spray tan. Joisey status.
  17. Sometimes you feel a lot better after a complete breakdown.
  18. Getting hammered at a kids birthday party is not a good look. Just sayin.
  19. I am the fucking biggest procrastinator EVER! I'll tell you about it later.
  20. If I can't reach it, it's definitely not getting fucking cleaned. Bottom line.
  21. Fuck sucker bitches. Me & Rachel will punch a sucker bitch directly in the throat.
  22. What is a gangsta bra? Do I already have one? If not, I definitely need one. Oh and G Rizz too.
  23. I've been at work all week and really haven't accomplished a got damn thing.
  24. I haven't combed my hair not once this week. Yup, not once.
  25. I wish with all my heart that I could get some neck tattoos.
  26. I recently found out that hickeys still exist. Heh, who knew? I thought they went where ever Merry Go Round and IOU sweatshirts went.
  27. Mini had this kid over the house this week and I couldn't for the life of me remember this little motherfuckers name. I kept calling him Derek, but I knew that was wrong. I finally asked him how to spell his name and he looked at me all crazy and goes D O N. Hahaha man I'm getting fucking old.
  28. Ive decided that my skincare routine is getting out of control. Looking young can't be this difficult slash expensive!
  29. Drexting = driving+texting. And I'm really really good at it. Is that bad?
  30. Everyone is required to play slug bug at all times. There is no opting out of slug bug. Unless you're like really old or really young or something, in which case you should probably be punched anyway.
  31. I invented echo kisses and they are the best thing ever! I could give/receive echo kisses all day long.
  32. I wanna watch that movie Jawbreaker again. That was a great fucking movie. "I killed Liz. I killed the teen dream. Deal with it."
  33. Driving to Kansas is always worth it. Always.

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