Allow me to reMIND you...

So last Wednesday eve, I had the pleasure of attending the Rakim show in Boulder. Let me just tell you the fucking highlight of my evening was having the opportunity to see The ReMINDers perform. I saw them for the first time at the D-Note a few months back. No joke; I downloaded their entire ReCollect album from iTunes before they even got off stage! The dopery of this duo blew me the fuck away!
Where do I even start? Aja Black not only murders the vocals but goes hard as fuck on MC status too! The second I heard her voice, all I could think of was L Boogie! ....yeah she's that good. Now don't get it twisted, it's not all beauty and positivity and fancy vocals with Aja Black, her flow is so fucking sick you'll need a doctor. Her words are so ridiculously real, you can't help but have mad respect for them.
Big Samir..... wow, dude goes in with a sound that I guarantee you've never heard before. I mean seriously this guy spits in French! Whaaaaat?!  Now, granted I have no fucking idea what he's even saying, on a count of I mostly only speak English. I mean, he could be talking about tether ball for all I know, but it sounds ill as fuck and keeps my head moving.
Now, music duos are usually a tricky thing, because mostly one artist out shines the other and/or carries the pair. I can assure you that is not the case with these two. They are equally blessed with talent, and each bring their own swagg into the music. They compliment the fuck out of each other, and make motherfucking magic!
All I can say is that it's just a matter of time before The ReMINDers blow the fuck up! They are going to do epic shit in the future, and everyone will know what's really good. And I guarantee that even with the colossal success in their future, these two will remain humble and pure. After all...they're not tryna change the world. They just do it for the ones that know where they're comin from.
I really hope that anyone who reads this takes the time to get the ReCollect album. You have my word, you will not be sorry. The shit is fucking gold!
ReCollect is available on iTunes.
Here is a clip of The ReMINDers blessing the Apollo Theatre. And now you know.
"We came to claim ours, but we're leavin with yours."

a kiss with a fist is better than none


Well here it is.... MONSTER. I'm pretty sure you all already know how I feel about this joint! I've been on the fucking monster tip since forevs. I MOTHERFUCKING LOVE THIS SHIT!!!!! DUH!!

Oh and I also feel like Kanye & Rick Ross need to be rocking the "IAMAFUCKINGMONSTER" Whorebath Tee like rightfuckingnow! Ask the homie, he's way ahead of the cut....

"I love you dear, but I love me more than that."

darkest of days

"Ramona she was in love with Pedro right from the start
but on one summer night when he did not come home
she felt a pain in her heart
He said he was with his brother until he could drink no more
but he could not look into her eyes
and she took and threw her ring on the floor

Ramona’s good friend Maria gave her shoulder to cry on
he said, “Men aren’t worth a damn, stop crying if you can,
you should gather your things and move on.”
But Ramona she was in love with Pedro right from the start
“I’ll give him one more chance, it all happened so fast
and I vowed till death do us part.”

You are the best thing and the worst thing
that has ever happened to me
You are the best thing and the worst thing
that has ever happened to me
Stop just where you are
Already you’ve gone too far
‘cause I have learned enough from you
by you just breaking my heart

Ramona had good news of a baby she would birth in seven months time
but she came home to Pedro in bed with Maria
her very good friend at the time
Ramona pulled out a pistol shot Pedro then looked at Maria
she said, “Men aren’t worth a damn, stop crying if you can
you should gather your things and move on.”

I'm Fancy. Duh.

Love it or leave it motherfuckers. I do what I do, but I DON'T do it for you!

"Well aren't you a breath of fresh air. From all these superficial, gold diggin bitches in here."

More excited than virgin in a whorehouse...

So I'm not all that into this pageant bullshit. But I'm pretty stoked that a Latina was crowned Miss Universe! Big ups Mexico! Latinas after all, are the most motherfucking beautiful women in the universe. Duh.
But stoked is a fucking understatement when it comes to these cats from the Philippines. This was thier reaction when their bitch made it into the top 15. Yeah... top 15. Can you imagine if the bitch'd won?! This fucking cracks me up! I've never ever seen anyone this excited about anything ever.
I'm just confused as to why they're all sitting around in their underwear... That's a little sketch to me. Ha! But fuck it, they're happy as shit!
(and yeah, this goes on for 4 minutes... seriously)


Oh fuckin A, I can't wait for this!! OG Danny Trejo is my dude! I feel like we're the same person, only I'm a girl and not rich at all, and I have a way better complexion, oh and I've never been in any movies (well, none that will be made public anyway. heh).... OK, so we're not really the same person at all. But if I was a great big bad ass Chicano dude, I'd totally be Danny Trejo! Duh. One thing we do have in common, we are both Mexi-Cans and not Mexi-Cants. I feel like me and DT should like hang out and listen to oldies and drink Cheladas, you know shit my people do on Sundays. Just Sayin.
Well obviously the Robert Rodriguez/Quentin Tarintino duo have some dark, sick fucking minds. Which is why I like them so much! Some of my all time favorite movies have come from these two. Pulp Fiction, Sin City, Once Upon a Time in Mexico, and a bunch of other shit. So let's hope they did Trejo solid with this one. I think it's about time this motherfucker got a leading role! I'm sick of him playing the token Chicano gangster/hitman! Oh and can I also say HELLOOOOO Michelle Rodriguez, bitch is lookin hotter than satan's daughter!
I'll be all up in the theatre when this shit drops! Front fucking row! OK not front row, cause front row at the movies sucks. Unless I get there late, then I'll probably get stuck in the front row. Anyway I'll try to be on time (ha) so I get center row! Cherry Icee and popcorn y todo! Watcha!!

I need a Ride or Die Bitch

"Babe I know ya sold your soul
and I hope you get it back from so and so
but I am afraid he'll wanna take me in your place
Cause I've been to the other side
and I barely made it out alive
I'd kill for you but stay out of my way

You be my man in black
I 'll be your Angel in white
with your hand full of shadows
and my fists full of light

You grab your guns
I'll grab the sun
and we'll take em' all out one by one
and I won't stop kissing you until were done"
                                    ~ Devil Doll


I'm so fuckin glad Joisey Shore is back! I missed these guys while they were gone! I need to catch up on some episodes. Thank gawd I have Bun Blaze & Kween Vee to keep me updated on the important shit happening on season deuce! Such as:
(914): Sometimes I think that I have too much self esteem.
(914): Then I just realize that Im just really fucking pretty.

Sweet sweet 16 (times 2, minus 1)

Welp, another year has gone by. And it went by really really fucking fast too. I always like to use this day (my birthday) (if you didn't know, you're a fucking dummy) to reflect on the last 12 months of my so called life.
This year has brought a fuckload of change to my world. Some good, some bad. I have mosdef lost quite a few things this year. Here are a few examples:

~My favorite pair of pink pumps. Can't find those bitches anywhere! Who the fuck loses shoes? Seriously.
~A few best friends. Not lost like they died, but lost like we don't have bestieship really anymore. This makes me sad.
~40 pounds. I don't miss them, not at all. In fact I'm not even gonna look for them or wonder where they went. Fuck being a fatso!
~Love. Yeah lost quite a bit of that shit this year.
~Diamonds. Not so much lost as put safely away. Although they ARE a girls best friend, theres some diamonds you just have to let go of sometimes.
~Trust in people. I have lost a TON of trust in people in general this last year. But on the flip side, I have learned exactly who is really real. This is important.
~My favorite fafi lipgloss. It was a limited edition. Of course I would lose it.
~My keys. This has happened a few times. But Ru says its good, and I should pay attention to this, so I will.

Now, don't get me wrong... I have also found slash gained slash learned a bunch of shit over the last year as well. Such as:

~Love. Yeah lost it found it lost it. It's a vicious cycle, but I'm a sucker for it.
~The iPhone 4. It's amazing, it makes up for the pink pumps I lost.
~Independence. I found that shit. I learned that I don't need anyone to validate me, or make me who I am. I'm the fucking business all on my own!
~40 new pairs of shoes. Apparently one pair for every pound I lost. Yeah, it's become a problem. But I hear the first step is admitting it.
~Self respect. Yup this was a major accomplishment this year. Not that I didn't have any before, but I def didn't have enough.

I think every year in every persons life has its gains and losses. I'm just so super blessed to have my Mini, my Familia, and my amazing friends to carry me through life.(you know who you are) I anticipate the next 12 months will be among the darkest I've had to face yet. But I say fuck it... bring it! My people won't ever let me fall, or forget who I am or what I'm about. I will wreck this 31st year, just like I have the previous 30. I will do it with grace, vulgarity, stilettos, and a motherfucking baseball bat if necessary.
As for today, it will be amazing. In fact, it already has been! From 11:30 last night, to this very minute AMAZING! So for the rest of today, I will once again kick back, relax, and focus on being a pimp.... Actually, I think I'll make that my motto for this entire year! Watcha!

Often imitated, never duplicated

Ok, its about that time. I think all of the final edits are finished and, we are cleared for motherfucking take off.
I recently collaborated with one of Denver's sickest photographers, and my extra good friend to the end; Ashley Quezada. This bitch is the business, don't even think twice. Now don't let the small frame and the sweet face fool you, Ashley is a FUCKING MONSTER! Cause you know I don't fux with basic bitches!
Me and Ash have this stoopid sick creative chemistry that is so hard to come by. If I'm thinkin it, she's thinkin it. And if she's thinkin it, then so am I. All the photos in this set were shot at Old Larimer Street Tattoo, obviously it's my face... and a little bit of my ass. Also big ups to my bestie best Zeb for lending his swagger to some of the photos! Couldn't have done it without you !
So; from the sick and glamorous mind of Ashley Quezada and myself... Here are the money shots! Solid fucking gold baby!

 And this ladies and gentleman, is just the beginning of what Ashley and I have in store for you.... Stay tuned, you will not be disappointed!

"I give a fuck about you and ya bum crew.  I'm the fuckin truth, they salute when I come through."
"These children learn form cigarette burns, fast cars, fast women, and cheap drinks."

you addicted?

it's true...

You better represent

Ahhh yeahh. From all the way back in 1997. That was a great fucking year. I almost forgot about this joint! Thanks to them 2 bad bitchez for the reminder! This is a dope song, the video cracks me up tho! Old school like a motherfucker! Enjoy!

Brand New Flava in yuh ear...

Get on this shit ASAP motherfuckers! Whoever lost this is a fuckin dummy! I'm sure glad someone found it!

1. Spitting Slick Shit- B Blacc , Deca. Prod. Al Catone
2. Keep It Pushing- B Blacc, Deca. Prod. Task One
3. Destiny- Deca, F.O.E, Karma, B Blacc
4. Time- Deca, B Blacc, F.O.E. Prod. Deca
5. Hit Em High, Hit Em Low- Mezzly, Deca, B Blacc Prod. Flawless
6. D-E-C-A & B-L-A- Double C- Deca, B Blacc Prod. P Sky
7. Try To Get It- Deca, Inkline Prod. Inkline
8. Get Down- Deca
9. Proceed with Caution- Deca, Karma, B Blacc Prod. Task One
10. Why- Deca Prod. Deca
11. Get Loose- Meezly, Jay Money, Blacc Prod. Kevin Pistol
12. It Don't Matter- B Blacc, JimaThiz Prod. Tune One
13. Art of War- B Blacc Prod. Selector Sam
14. Stop It!!!- Deca Prod. Inkline
15. The Bomb- B Blacc, Rie Rie. Prod. P Sky
16. Maintain- B Blacc, F.O.E, 800 The Jewell Prod. Vonny Loc

Power of Free

This event will be fucking amazing! Free drinks good music, dope art, and it's my birthday weekend! Stop in, and buy me a free drink. Heh.


All I do is win.

I honestly don't LOVE the rest of this joint, but this Nicki Minaj verse is fire. I don't give a fuck what anybody has to say about her, she's the motherfucking business. Although I'm not a fan of the whole "Barbie" ish, I swear sometimes this bitch spits exactly whats on my mind. She must have ESPN or something.
"I ain't mad ma, I see you on ya bummy swag"

Happy Birthday Lily Pants!

This is where you'll find my face tonight. Duh! And if you dont like my face (not likely) there'll be a fuck load of other pretty faces to look at. Look, don't touch.
"Tonight is the nite and I'm lookin real sporty. Proper Friday evening and I'm ready to party"

sho you right

Victoria Hearts The Broncos. Duh.

Well that bitch Victoria finally wised up. It's about time, they make some shit for someone other than over privileged college brats! I mean seriously, if a rainbow fucked a candy store and they had a baby, it would be the VS PINK line. They make absolutely nothing for us morbid bitches! Thank god for Hot Topic! Anyway, Victoria's Secret PINK line came out with a Denver Broncos Series of shit for the bitches! That's what's up! It's actually kinda fresh.
They have some shit for a few other NFL teams too, but none of those motherfuckers really matter anyway. So, here's some pimpin for my Mile High Stadium bitches to rock. I know Mandi's juicy booty is gonna rock the fuck out those Broncos booty shorts! That bitch reps the Denver Broncos harder than most of the fucking Bronco players do! Watcha!

On a side note: None of this gear, or any other gear will ever hold a candle to the Filthe Denver Bronco throwback! That shit is fucking stoopid sick! Ask somebody.


Ahhh, my ATR fam did it again. Just when you felt like summer was winding down, they hit us with this joint. Concept Oner, Chuck $teak$, and Cody Beastly got all East Los on us. I digg this track, makes me wanna drink Chelada and eat tacos on a patio somewhere with my peeps. This one is going on my summertime, crusin', BBQ, Dickies, chola mix. Yep.
So if you know what's good for you put this joint on rotation stat! I already have.

Who's The Baddest?

Somehow in one of my random fuck conversations the debate over ninjas and gangsters came about. Which is more bad ass? Here are a few random facts to help you make your decision.

Wardrobe: Typically, black pajamas and mask. Eh, ok so I guess to ninjas this outfit is pretty legit. And I get the whole moving through the darkness all incognito thing.
Weapons of choice: Typically ninjas only use their mad ninja skills. But sometimes they fucks with nunchucks, and swords. Oh and those little throwing star thingys.
Movie Cred: Ninja Assassin, which I gotta admit was pretty fuckin good. Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles, which was somewhat lackluster in my opinion. And Kung Fu Hustle, I'm not positive if this is really even a ninja movie. But it’s my blog, so I’ll say whatever I want. I liked this movie it make my face laugh.
Real Ninjas: Ok, so I'm pretty sure most ninjas like to remain nameless on a count of they’re fucking ninjas, duh. So I'm gonna go with Bruce Lee, don’t fucking argue with me, dude was a ninja. Jackie Chan does ninja shit in real life too, oh and Jet Li. I think they lose ninja cred when they hit the big screen.

Wardrobe: This typically consists of some sort of pimp ass suit, or simply a wife beater and dickies. Either way, a tad bit more intimidating than black pajamas. Just sayin.
Weapons of Choice: Where do I even start? Ok obviously fists are on the list, followed by baseball bats, crow bars, chainsaws, and good old automatic weapons. Obviously guns are the top choice in weaponry for street gangsters. Duh.
Movie Cred: Motherfuck, is it just me or is it WAY easier to come up with epic gangster movies than it is fuckin ninja movies? Ok well let me just start with the few obvious ones; Scarface, Godfather, Belly, A Bronx Tale, Casino, American Gangster, Reservoir Dogs, Good Fellas. There are SO many bomb gangster movies its ridiculous. And No, it’s not all about the mafia and organized crime. Check Green Street Hooligans, those muhfuckas would bang just to bang.
Real Gangsters: Well obviously Frank Lucas tops the list. Followed by Al Capone, John Gotti , Tookie Williams, Lucky Luciano. There are a fuckload of street gangsters, too many too name. But we all know they’re fuckin gangsters, there’s no guessing.

Ok, so heres my opinion. Haha cause really, that’s what its all about. I’ma go with street gangsters on this one. (If you know me in real life, you know why hahaha.) Seriously though, I think OG Tookie Williams would womp the fuck out of a ninja…. I mean if he was still alive. If you ask me they make murder look fucking good!

PS. You're opinion matters to me (kinda), so vote to the right -->. And if you feel an explination is necessary comment your face off. Thanks.

17 shopping days left

With only 17 shopping days left, I'll do my best to help your faces with deciding what to buy me for my birthday. Ok, so I know I most likely will not be receiving the $1200 Louboutins, even thought that'd make for the best gift ever! So here's something a little more budget friendly.
The stoopid sick checkerboard handbag from Vans. It's amazing and would be even more so if it belonged to me. Consider it officially added to the "shit to buy The Gen for her birthday list".
PS. I have no desire to carry ultra expensive designer handbags just for the logo. Not to say that I don't own any. But I guarantee they were purchased because they looked dope and not cause they had some sillyfuck logo on them. I rock what I rock cause I digg it, not cause you digg it. Carry on.

"You always looking bummy, I don't care if you don't love me"

Things I Do Not Heart

This is the evil counterpart to Friday's list. I mean, Y'all knew it was coming right?
  • LIARS - This will forever be at the top of my DNH list. Liars are the worst. They eventually get cut. Oh and JSYK I'm the fucking lie detector! If you are lying to me, you can bet that I already know what it is. And if you're lying to me and I haven't dropped your ass yet, it's probably because I'm fucking toying with you!
  • Biters - Ugghh where do I even start?! Seriously, who ever said that imitation is the fondest form of flattery was definitely a fucking biter! Get on your own shit bitches! Be you, don't be me.
  • Snakes - Not the animal per say, but one who possesses snake like qualities. You know; low, sneaky, slimy. Snakes usually can be identified by the facade they put on. Playing the "good good" when really they're only out for themselves. Fuck a snake, snakes get skinned and eaten like in La Bamba!
  • Wind - I have yet to see anything good about the wind. Now, I can handle a breeze, but me and wind we can't be friends.
  • The radio - Honestly unless my CD player, iPod, and iPhone are all broken; I don't turn on the radio really. I think it's wack. Only good thing on the radio is Sunday night slow jams. Even then, I could do without all the commercials for super shampoo and stretch mark cream.
  • Meetings - I fucking HATE meetings. Especially meetings that last more than 30 minutes. I have ADD and I cannot fucking handle that shit. If you have some shit to talk about, put it in a fucking email and call it good. It is not necessary to sit around a fucking table to discuss shit!
  • Grabbers - You know those dudes, who for some reason think it's ok to grab you to get your fucking attention. NOT OK. Not by the hand, wrist, waist, nada. Don't fucking put your mitts on me unless I give you permission. I've killed for less. You grimey fucks know who you are!
  • "Models"  - You all know these local bitches who are telling everyone that they're professional models. Ok unless modeling is your primary source of income, you are not a fucking model. When you hit the pages of something other than Westword or 303 then we'll re-evaluate your status. Don't get me wrong, I'm not knockin your hustle. I'd love to see a dope ass local bitch hit it big! Do your thang, but don't twist that shit.  A few of my besties do some modeling, but they don't run around telling everyone they're fucking professional models cause they took some pictures and walked a runway or two.
  • Dropped Calls - Really, does anyone like that shit? Unless you're on a call that you really don't wanna be on, a dropped call is fucking infuriating! I have to admit, I've been on a call where I've hung up on the person and pretended my phone lost service. haha now I got you thinkin if I've ever done that to you huh? Just tell me shit I like to hear and I guarantee it won't happen to you.
  • Call Me Text - While we're on the cell phone subject... You know those people who fucking text you, and all it says is "call me" why the motherfuck do you do that? I hate that shit! Just fucking call me if you wanna talk to me! It makes no fucking sense! Why the shit do I have to call you, when your phone is obviously in working order. Gawwww!
  • Children - Yeah, you read it correct. I'm not really a fan of children under the age of 13. There are a handful of exceptions. But mostly children cry, stink, whine, and move around a bunch. I do not like this. In all honesty; I blame the parents. Keep your offspring under control. Children are not exempt from getting punched and/or tripped. Just sayin.
  • Crowds - Oh man! I hate me a fuckin crowd. I am the most claustrophobic bitch evs! I can't stand when a bunch of fucking people are super close to me. Breathing all my air up and shit! It doesn't help that I'm fucking 5 foot nothing either! Most times if I'm in a crowd I'm not even big enough to see the reason we've crowded in first fucking place!
  • Crying - Call me insensitive, but crying is just a waste of time if you ask me. Not to say that I've never cried or won't in the future. It does however take something catastrpohic to make me cry. I've been branded a complete heartless bitch by some, because of my lack of tears. Now just because my face isn't leaking does not mean that I'm not upset or happy or mad or whatever else makes you cry. I mean I have fucking feelings... sheesh. In all honesty I'm more likely to cry when I haven't spent an hour carefully applying liner and lashes. So catch me first thing in the morning or before bed.
  • Puking - FuckinA, puking is the worst! Doesn't matter if it's a drunk puke or just a sick puke. There is nothing good about liquefied food and stomach acid coming out your mouth and nose! Puking smells awful, gives me a headache, and makes my eyes water! I have never believed the "You'll feel better once you puke" story! Unless I've accidentally ingested fuckin draino or someone finally gotten the courage to poison me (not likely) I will never willingly puke! On a side note: Bulimia was the fucking worst diet ever! The bitch that came up with that idea was on some whole other shit. And she obviously didn't spend as much time on her makeup as I do on a daily basis. Reapplying of lipgloss and lashes several times a day is a fucking nuisance! Just sayin.