17 shopping days left

With only 17 shopping days left, I'll do my best to help your faces with deciding what to buy me for my birthday. Ok, so I know I most likely will not be receiving the $1200 Louboutins, even thought that'd make for the best gift ever! So here's something a little more budget friendly.
The stoopid sick checkerboard handbag from Vans. It's amazing and would be even more so if it belonged to me. Consider it officially added to the "shit to buy The Gen for her birthday list".
PS. I have no desire to carry ultra expensive designer handbags just for the logo. Not to say that I don't own any. But I guarantee they were purchased because they looked dope and not cause they had some sillyfuck logo on them. I rock what I rock cause I digg it, not cause you digg it. Carry on.

"You always looking bummy, I don't care if you don't love me"

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