Brand New Flava in yuh ear...

Get on this shit ASAP motherfuckers! Whoever lost this is a fuckin dummy! I'm sure glad someone found it!

1. Spitting Slick Shit- B Blacc , Deca. Prod. Al Catone
2. Keep It Pushing- B Blacc, Deca. Prod. Task One
3. Destiny- Deca, F.O.E, Karma, B Blacc
4. Time- Deca, B Blacc, F.O.E. Prod. Deca
5. Hit Em High, Hit Em Low- Mezzly, Deca, B Blacc Prod. Flawless
6. D-E-C-A & B-L-A- Double C- Deca, B Blacc Prod. P Sky
7. Try To Get It- Deca, Inkline Prod. Inkline
8. Get Down- Deca
9. Proceed with Caution- Deca, Karma, B Blacc Prod. Task One
10. Why- Deca Prod. Deca
11. Get Loose- Meezly, Jay Money, Blacc Prod. Kevin Pistol
12. It Don't Matter- B Blacc, JimaThiz Prod. Tune One
13. Art of War- B Blacc Prod. Selector Sam
14. Stop It!!!- Deca Prod. Inkline
15. The Bomb- B Blacc, Rie Rie. Prod. P Sky
16. Maintain- B Blacc, F.O.E, 800 The Jewell Prod. Vonny Loc

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