Allow me to reMIND you...

So last Wednesday eve, I had the pleasure of attending the Rakim show in Boulder. Let me just tell you the fucking highlight of my evening was having the opportunity to see The ReMINDers perform. I saw them for the first time at the D-Note a few months back. No joke; I downloaded their entire ReCollect album from iTunes before they even got off stage! The dopery of this duo blew me the fuck away!
Where do I even start? Aja Black not only murders the vocals but goes hard as fuck on MC status too! The second I heard her voice, all I could think of was L Boogie! ....yeah she's that good. Now don't get it twisted, it's not all beauty and positivity and fancy vocals with Aja Black, her flow is so fucking sick you'll need a doctor. Her words are so ridiculously real, you can't help but have mad respect for them.
Big Samir..... wow, dude goes in with a sound that I guarantee you've never heard before. I mean seriously this guy spits in French! Whaaaaat?!  Now, granted I have no fucking idea what he's even saying, on a count of I mostly only speak English. I mean, he could be talking about tether ball for all I know, but it sounds ill as fuck and keeps my head moving.
Now, music duos are usually a tricky thing, because mostly one artist out shines the other and/or carries the pair. I can assure you that is not the case with these two. They are equally blessed with talent, and each bring their own swagg into the music. They compliment the fuck out of each other, and make motherfucking magic!
All I can say is that it's just a matter of time before The ReMINDers blow the fuck up! They are going to do epic shit in the future, and everyone will know what's really good. And I guarantee that even with the colossal success in their future, these two will remain humble and pure. After all...they're not tryna change the world. They just do it for the ones that know where they're comin from.
I really hope that anyone who reads this takes the time to get the ReCollect album. You have my word, you will not be sorry. The shit is fucking gold!
ReCollect is available on iTunes.
Here is a clip of The ReMINDers blessing the Apollo Theatre. And now you know.
"We came to claim ours, but we're leavin with yours."

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