Oh fuckin A, I can't wait for this!! OG Danny Trejo is my dude! I feel like we're the same person, only I'm a girl and not rich at all, and I have a way better complexion, oh and I've never been in any movies (well, none that will be made public anyway. heh).... OK, so we're not really the same person at all. But if I was a great big bad ass Chicano dude, I'd totally be Danny Trejo! Duh. One thing we do have in common, we are both Mexi-Cans and not Mexi-Cants. I feel like me and DT should like hang out and listen to oldies and drink Cheladas, you know shit my people do on Sundays. Just Sayin.
Well obviously the Robert Rodriguez/Quentin Tarintino duo have some dark, sick fucking minds. Which is why I like them so much! Some of my all time favorite movies have come from these two. Pulp Fiction, Sin City, Once Upon a Time in Mexico, and a bunch of other shit. So let's hope they did Trejo solid with this one. I think it's about time this motherfucker got a leading role! I'm sick of him playing the token Chicano gangster/hitman! Oh and can I also say HELLOOOOO Michelle Rodriguez, bitch is lookin hotter than satan's daughter!
I'll be all up in the theatre when this shit drops! Front fucking row! OK not front row, cause front row at the movies sucks. Unless I get there late, then I'll probably get stuck in the front row. Anyway I'll try to be on time (ha) so I get center row! Cherry Icee and popcorn y todo! Watcha!!


Anonymous said...

private movies ohmigawd

DenverFrank said...

Did I ever tell you I want Danny Trejo to play me in the movie of my life. You know, because we look so much alike and all. Either him or Luis Guzman.