More excited than virgin in a whorehouse...

So I'm not all that into this pageant bullshit. But I'm pretty stoked that a Latina was crowned Miss Universe! Big ups Mexico! Latinas after all, are the most motherfucking beautiful women in the universe. Duh.
But stoked is a fucking understatement when it comes to these cats from the Philippines. This was thier reaction when their bitch made it into the top 15. Yeah... top 15. Can you imagine if the bitch'd won?! This fucking cracks me up! I've never ever seen anyone this excited about anything ever.
I'm just confused as to why they're all sitting around in their underwear... That's a little sketch to me. Ha! But fuck it, they're happy as shit!
(and yeah, this goes on for 4 minutes... seriously)

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Anonymous said...

Was she transexual or something? That was hilarious!