Often imitated, never duplicated

Ok, its about that time. I think all of the final edits are finished and, we are cleared for motherfucking take off.
I recently collaborated with one of Denver's sickest photographers, and my extra good friend to the end; Ashley Quezada. This bitch is the business, don't even think twice. Now don't let the small frame and the sweet face fool you, Ashley is a FUCKING MONSTER! Cause you know I don't fux with basic bitches!
Me and Ash have this stoopid sick creative chemistry that is so hard to come by. If I'm thinkin it, she's thinkin it. And if she's thinkin it, then so am I. All the photos in this set were shot at Old Larimer Street Tattoo, obviously it's my face... and a little bit of my ass. Also big ups to my bestie best Zeb for lending his swagger to some of the photos! Couldn't have done it without you !
So; from the sick and glamorous mind of Ashley Quezada and myself... Here are the money shots! Solid fucking gold baby!

 And this ladies and gentleman, is just the beginning of what Ashley and I have in store for you.... Stay tuned, you will not be disappointed!

"I give a fuck about you and ya bum crew.  I'm the fuckin truth, they salute when I come through."


Anonymous said...

This woman really is one of the most beautiful women on the entire planet.

Anonymous said...

What a great resource!