Who's The Baddest?

Somehow in one of my random fuck conversations the debate over ninjas and gangsters came about. Which is more bad ass? Here are a few random facts to help you make your decision.

Wardrobe: Typically, black pajamas and mask. Eh, ok so I guess to ninjas this outfit is pretty legit. And I get the whole moving through the darkness all incognito thing.
Weapons of choice: Typically ninjas only use their mad ninja skills. But sometimes they fucks with nunchucks, and swords. Oh and those little throwing star thingys.
Movie Cred: Ninja Assassin, which I gotta admit was pretty fuckin good. Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles, which was somewhat lackluster in my opinion. And Kung Fu Hustle, I'm not positive if this is really even a ninja movie. But it’s my blog, so I’ll say whatever I want. I liked this movie it make my face laugh.
Real Ninjas: Ok, so I'm pretty sure most ninjas like to remain nameless on a count of they’re fucking ninjas, duh. So I'm gonna go with Bruce Lee, don’t fucking argue with me, dude was a ninja. Jackie Chan does ninja shit in real life too, oh and Jet Li. I think they lose ninja cred when they hit the big screen.

Wardrobe: This typically consists of some sort of pimp ass suit, or simply a wife beater and dickies. Either way, a tad bit more intimidating than black pajamas. Just sayin.
Weapons of Choice: Where do I even start? Ok obviously fists are on the list, followed by baseball bats, crow bars, chainsaws, and good old automatic weapons. Obviously guns are the top choice in weaponry for street gangsters. Duh.
Movie Cred: Motherfuck, is it just me or is it WAY easier to come up with epic gangster movies than it is fuckin ninja movies? Ok well let me just start with the few obvious ones; Scarface, Godfather, Belly, A Bronx Tale, Casino, American Gangster, Reservoir Dogs, Good Fellas. There are SO many bomb gangster movies its ridiculous. And No, it’s not all about the mafia and organized crime. Check Green Street Hooligans, those muhfuckas would bang just to bang.
Real Gangsters: Well obviously Frank Lucas tops the list. Followed by Al Capone, John Gotti , Tookie Williams, Lucky Luciano. There are a fuckload of street gangsters, too many too name. But we all know they’re fuckin gangsters, there’s no guessing.

Ok, so heres my opinion. Haha cause really, that’s what its all about. I’ma go with street gangsters on this one. (If you know me in real life, you know why hahaha.) Seriously though, I think OG Tookie Williams would womp the fuck out of a ninja…. I mean if he was still alive. If you ask me they make murder look fucking good!

PS. You're opinion matters to me (kinda), so vote to the right -->. And if you feel an explination is necessary comment your face off. Thanks.


J Bunny. said...

So I'm white and maybe lost... But does real gangsters include like mexican vato loco homies? BC they are legit too and may or mat not need their own category in this debate. I mean I know I'm like miklo (sp) here but come on. Don't make me run out felon style on you.

Pps. Gangsters will always defaet ninjas. I mean come on... Ninjas. I do twirls and flips. Gangsters run the mob and murder bitches bc they talked to the FBI. The FBI doesn't even care about ninjas. Unless there is a Asian FBI.

Ps. This may or may not be the most racist post I've ever had. But I speak the truth. And I'm white so cut me some slack.

Vatos locos forever homes!

Silas@GuerillaGarden.com said...

ehhhhhhh I don't know...If you take into account that most gangsters in actuality live with they mom's until they live with they baby moms....and remain pretty broke. They are usually found eating Chubby's, smoking dirt weed blunts and drinkin foetys like its 1989. The ninja however has a life of solitude which makes them far stronger and less dependent, I dont know what they eat but I'm sure they are way healthier than a gangbanger...unless you compare them to a prison gangster, but those guys only work out the upper body and rape dudes so they don't count.
Al Capone died of pneumonia, Gotti cancer, tookie fried, Frank lucus, in a wheelchair.
Ninjas don't die

Anonymous said...

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