Victoria Hearts The Broncos. Duh.

Well that bitch Victoria finally wised up. It's about time, they make some shit for someone other than over privileged college brats! I mean seriously, if a rainbow fucked a candy store and they had a baby, it would be the VS PINK line. They make absolutely nothing for us morbid bitches! Thank god for Hot Topic! Anyway, Victoria's Secret PINK line came out with a Denver Broncos Series of shit for the bitches! That's what's up! It's actually kinda fresh.
They have some shit for a few other NFL teams too, but none of those motherfuckers really matter anyway. So, here's some pimpin for my Mile High Stadium bitches to rock. I know Mandi's juicy booty is gonna rock the fuck out those Broncos booty shorts! That bitch reps the Denver Broncos harder than most of the fucking Bronco players do! Watcha!

On a side note: None of this gear, or any other gear will ever hold a candle to the Filthe Denver Bronco throwback! That shit is fucking stoopid sick! Ask somebody.

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GrittyVelvet said...

Whooot whoot yeahhh! Love the FILTHE-ness! Get it!!!