The much anticipated Mile Hicons Mixtape Vol. 2 is finally fucking here! And yeah, it was worth the fucking wait! My American Trash Republic dudes did it again! Vol. 2 comes hard, dirty and raw as fuck!! Don't sleep on this one, trust. Oh and there may or may or may not be a little something special from yours truly if you listen real close. I'll give you one guess which track is my favorite!

01. Intro
02. So high
03. Such A Bad Man
04. High Strung
05. Hood Bitch
06. Gang Track ft; Inkline, Megabusive& Concept Oner
07. Heavens Overrated ft; Sp Double
08. Lightin' You Up
09. Mom & Daddies
10. Mile Hicons
11. Borracho ft; Concept Oner
12. Wack Emcees ft; Sp Double
13. Make That Money
14. Cut Ya Throat
15. Beastin' Out ft; King Foe
16. So Disrespectful
17. Who's That
18. Reminder ft; Sp Double
19. Outro

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