Random Humpday Thoughts

It’s been a while since I served you fancy motherfuckers with a Gen list. So get ready cause here we go. We’re not gonna give this one a title it’s just gonna be on some straight random thoughts. Ok ok, we’ll call it the fucking random list. Yeah
  • Gold pedicures are actually pretty legit. Not sure why I never tried gold on the piggies before.
  • Why do they call it French kissing? I prefer “mouth kissing” or “open mouth kissing” The term “French kissing” is weird to me.
  • From now on I will be referring to money or dollars as “snaps”. Why? Because DJ Quick does, and he’s pretty much one of the most legit dudes I know. (and by “know” I mean just listen to his music and don’t really know at all) Also I think it sounds way fucking gangster, and a girl can never really be too gangster.
  • I'm about to get back on my Whorebath shit. I have way too many ideas swarming around in my dome. If I don’t rock em out soon my head may explode. And while Gen brain is amazing (duh and giggidy) it’s useless if splattered about.
  • I feel like I should make Whorebath shaped silly bandz, and I’ll make all these little elementary shit heads rock them. WTF is up with these things anyway? I don’t get it. Slash I totally rock a pink Jeep shaped silly band that my mini gave me. Say something.
  • My ADD is seriously at a fucking all time high. I am concentration challenged like a motherfucker! I need to get this shit under control asap!
  • I am extra excited to go Pueblo this weekend! (I should be punched for saying that) Only because the Low Rider show is in town! After Ink & Iron I have a new found love for car shows. And let’s just say the eye candy at these events is always fucking proper! As long as no strangers try to lock me into their little tiny confined space ship cars and take pictures of me, we’ll be just fine.
  • While we’re on the car show subject… I’ve decided that there is a definite lack of bad ass custom hearses in the local shows. I’ve seen one or two, but at the show in LA there was a whole fucking hearse category! So, I have officially made it my mission to purchase and pimp out a hearse. I want one like Dracula drove in the Monster Squad movie! It’ll be amazing, and morbid as a motherfucker! Maybe I’ll even get that mexi pic of the Indian dude carrying the bitch, you know the one that you always see airbrushed on lowriders… Only he’ll be a zombie and he’ll be eating her guts! Bwaahahaha this is a brilliant idea! Duh.
  • I pretty much never comb my hair anymore. It saves me a lot of time.
  • I am so in love with this 101.5 radio station! If you haven’t listened you should, it’s so fucking goody!
  • It’s almost the Buns birthday, and I'm excited for this! Takes me back to the PCL karaoke, junkyard ink days! I miss those days! I don’t care how drunk she is, I love this bitch and all her vices! Bunnny & The General por vida!
  • Bitches be motherfucking trifling! Nuff said!
  • Coming back to work after vacation sucks! There’s always an extra lot of shit to do and catch up on. Work is for jerks!
  • I joined a softball team at work. (hahaha, yeah you read that correctly) I'm pretty much awful at softball, as I am at any sport. But it’s actually kinda fun. We’ve been getting womped all season. But last night we won our first game! It was exciting!
  • Oh and fuck some coward ass dudes lately! WTF is up with ya’ll lame bags of fuck? A good man is hard as fuck to find these days! So if you bitches got one hold on tight! Even though sometimes the ones we think are all goody are just fakin the funk. But trust that bitch for brains motherfuckers true colors will come out sooner or later!
  • Men, if you have a dope, talented, beautiful, smart, creative, amazing girl on your arm; do right by her. Don’t ever mistreat, degrade, or humiliate her. Because remember karma is a bad bad bitch, and she WILL bring that shit back around! Women make the world go around. In the real ass words of Mr. Shakur “And when he tells you, you ain’t nuthin don’t believe him. And if he can’t learn to love you, you should leave him”
  • I love all of your fucking faces so super hard. Carry on.


Nicole said...

Good shit.

Anonymous said...


- Aimee

J Bunny. said...

I heart when ppl dont care how drunk I am... I mean come on... Im bunny. Duh. Haha.