Shake it don't break it.

Ooooooweeee! I'm super fucking excited for this! Xtina is a pretty bad bitch, and who wouldn't want to see her shake her moneymaker!? I'm pretty sure the dance scenes will be off the hook, the acting and story line however will most likely be pretty sketch I assume. Who knows, maybe they'll surprise me! Cher is a pretty decent actress.... bwahahahahaaa who the fuck am I kidding? The only good movie she did was the one with the kid with the face, member?
Anyway this comes out November 24th, so someone please take me to see it. Those who are supposed to be responsible for taking me to the movies have failed at that task lately... aaaahem!

Let me hear you scream!

Ahhhh Halloweek (word smash) this is my fucking favorite time of year by far!! Mostly on a count of I'm kind of a morbid bitch like that. I love zombies, blood, guts, skeletons, cheesy slasher killers etc. I fux with all that! Don't get it twisted though, I DO NOT fux with all that ghost/spirit/paranormal bullshit! That shit is just straight up fucking evil! I refuse to entertain that fuckery. Word.
On that note, I'd like to share with ya'll my Halloween play list. ...Yeah I have a Halloween playlist. Actually it's labeled Hallofuckingween to be exact. BunBlaze got me started on this ish a few years back. This playlist gets bigger every year and is one of my fucking favs (next to the gang bangers ball playlist of course) Here we go, in no particular order:
> Nightmare on My Street - DJ Jazzy Jeff & The Fresh Prince
> Love Me Dead - Ludo
> This is Halloween - Marilyn Manson
> Thriller - Michael Jackson (duh)
> My Mind Playin' Tricks On Me - Geto Boys
> Down With The Sickness - Disturbed
> Purple People Eater - Sheb Wooley
> Bodies - Drowning Pool
> People are Strange - The Doors
> Sweet Dreams - Marilyn Manson
> Prelude 12/21 - AFI
There's some more, but I'm getting bored so just rock to these for now k.

Let me taste your skull.

So Tomorrow night Ash & myself will be making faces at this event! If you have $35 extra dollars in yo pocket, bring your face to Sangrias and me and Ash will make you all dead and sugary!

It's all fun & games till some kid gets kicked in the face...

Ok as much as I hate all of these fuck for brains political commercials that have been raping my television for the last 4 months, this one is fucking hilarious! Any dude that kicks kids in the face has my vote! And whoever came up with this commercial is a fucking genius, and will def get hired on when I run for President!
Only my approach will be.... Vote for The fucking Gen. She may, or may not kick kids in the face.This way I'll get votes either way. I think it's fucking brilliant.

Check this muthafucka out....

Nicki don't stop you  tha bestest!
I swear I'm in love with this bitch!
This shit is my new fav! Check dudes hair piece, it's freakin hilarious!

That's the sound of my shoes...

So if you didn't already know this weekend is the extra anticipated Shoe Shine weekend!! I know a few motherfuckers that have been anxiously awaiting this weekend all fucking year! Mu$a and company always deliver the good good with The Shoe Shine shit!
Tonight is the extra fucking fancy Sneaker Prom! Finally an event to rock your dumb dresses and tuxes to! But bitches, give your piggies a break for the night and be sure to roll in your dopest sneaks! Get your faces to Prom tonight, and if youu're fly enough you may even be crowned King or Queen! Watcha!
Oh but it doesnt end there.... Once you have knocked back a couple micheladas and a bowl of menudo to cure the hangover from Friday nights debauchery; take your ass to Shoe Shine, and peep some of the hottest custom kicks from some of the dopest local artists around. Last year's festivities and artwork were off the fucking hanger! So you know this year will be just as sick if not sicker! Call a fucking doctor.

I'll catch you in the streets doll. ex oh ex oh

"You're gonna need a bodybag,
I'll break bones you didn't know you had.
When I'm done there will be nothing left of you
for your friends to hold on to
when they find you cold and blue tonight,
face down in a parking lot.

Next time around, think about what you say
before you run your mouth.
Cause you're all alone and you're nothing
without your friends now.
You can tell the pavement what you really said
but I already know.
You got another thing coming if you think you're walking home.
This time I'm waiting here for you, you got nowhere to hide

Here's a question.
What do you do when you're all alone
and you have nowhere to run to, swear I'll find you.
And this is what I'll do; I'll take it slow (I'll take it slow)
just to let you know that we're not playing, you're not walking home.
This time I'm waiting here for you, you got nowhere to hide

Did you think that you had something to prove,
well you do yea, you do yea.
Did you think that you had nothing to lose,
well you do so you think you're walking home.

This time I'm waiting here for you, you got nowhere to hide

You're gonna need a bodybag,
I'll break bones you didn't know you had.
When I'm done there will be nothing left of you
for your friends to hold on to
when they find you cold and blue tonight,
face down in a parking lot"

Hangover Cruise

Come support my Casuals familia! See all the fancy S cars, and firme ladies. Oh, and bring some Halloween shit for the kiddos. What the fuck else are you gonna do with your Sunday afternoon? Be there or fuck off. Word.

bloody ell....

October is the perfect time to start decorating a new crib. Why? Cause they don't just sell shit like this year round! I mean, they fucking should... but they don't.  My new crib will without a doubt be the most morbidly adorned house on the block. Truth.
Here are a few things that are officially on my housewarming wish list. Take notes.

Body Outline Bath Towel

Murder Ink Notepad

Bloody Lips Wall Decal

Casualty Chair

Blood Spatter Pillow

Butchers Apron

Dripping Table

Evidence Chef's Knife

Blood Bath Shower Curtain
Dripping Lamps

Blood Drip Wall Hook

T-Shirt Tiiiiimmmme

I know a dude who should rock this tee. Just sayin...
MTTM is fuckin with mens tees now. Check the fresh. Perfect for T-Shirt Tiiiiiiimeeee!

via 2bitches

clarification is key...

Fuckin Slacker

I know, I know I'm sorry. I have slacking like a mother on this blog shit. Thing is, my life has been on some upside down status lately. So I'm hoping over the next few weeks to turn that shit right side up! So here's some of the random fuck things currently floating around my dome. Enjoy, or fuck off. Either way.

1. Why the fuck do some people love drama so much? I swear some motherfuckers feed off that shit! It's kind of sad really. Personally I hate the shit and wanna stay as far as fucking possible from it. Make not of that.
2. Last time I checked Envy/Jealousy is still on the list of deadly sins. Instead of being jealous or envious of someone, or the shit that they're doing; use them as inspiration to make yourself a better more productive person. Real talk, envy breeds hate, and that shit just ain't no good.
3. Moving is the most awesome slash awful thing ever. I wish I had the money to just hire someone to come move and organize all my shit.
4. Why am I so busy?!! I hate being busy! I feel like I'm always busy but never really get much accomplished. What the fuck, seriously. What the fuck. Maybe I need to up my addy dosage so I can get some shit accomplished!
5. Dudes, if you have a smart, beautiful, talented, amazing bawse bitch on your arm; recognize that shit. Treat her like the queen that she is. Remember... your next "fuck up" could very well be your last. Just sayin.
6. I could definitely go for the rest of my whole entire life without attending another meeting. I'd for sure be ok with that. for sure.
8. My niece is a total bombshell. She's 14. I'm worried.
9. I cant decide if watching movies in a cemetery is a brilliant or terrible idea.
10. Fuck yes for October! This is my favorite time of year to be a make-up artist! Zombies and sugar skulls allfuckingday!