Shake it don't break it.

Ooooooweeee! I'm super fucking excited for this! Xtina is a pretty bad bitch, and who wouldn't want to see her shake her moneymaker!? I'm pretty sure the dance scenes will be off the hook, the acting and story line however will most likely be pretty sketch I assume. Who knows, maybe they'll surprise me! Cher is a pretty decent actress.... bwahahahahaaa who the fuck am I kidding? The only good movie she did was the one with the kid with the face, member?
Anyway this comes out November 24th, so someone please take me to see it. Those who are supposed to be responsible for taking me to the movies have failed at that task lately... aaaahem!

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Amber said...

Oh man. I will absofuckinglutely go see this with you. Just say when. Also, I NEED my hair to look like hers at 1:46 into the video. Good goddamn!