all. my. friends. love.....

A dope party! Yes yes ya'll, trust me when I tell you this is where you will need to be this Saturday! The Casuals Crew is at it again with another extra sick event for you! This Saturday at the D-Note (which coincidentally is right by my new crib. Can you say "after party") the Casuals will be throwing an Anniversary party to celebrate 7 years of dopery! Also to thank all the motherfuckers that supported them rain or shine! My fav DJ will be in the house DJ Lazy Eyez, ya'll already know how this kid puts it down! I dare you to try standing still! There will be lots of good people in the building... I mean I'll be there so, you get it.. Here's the info, I'll see you motherfuckers Saturday! Pow!
On a side note: I'd just like to give an extra special shout of love to my Casuals fam. Ya'll have been so fucking good to me and my mini, treating us like familia without even thinking twice! Reppin Whorebath to the fullest! It means so much to us! We are so blessed to know each and every one of you! You all give me faith that familia and love still exist, and are still good. Thank you for everything! ex oh ex oh

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