Diamonds are a girls best friend...

I know I kinda slept on posting this. Apologies. But here it is, and I guarantee it was worth the wait. Big Daddy Zome's 2nd full length album, Diamond In The Flesh. The first release of three from the Diamond Bois Camp. Diamond In The Flesh is followed by Ze's Advanced Placement released yesterday, and Dyalekt's November Hates Me to be released November 22nd. All three will  be available for free digital download, and released physically at The Diamond Bois release party. The release party will be held November 27th at Kaliente (16th & Champa). So get your faces there, this will be one for the record books! I'll be there. Word the fuck up. Oh and in the meantime go to to download the good good. Especially Diamond In The Flesh!
"You could crush the whole world with the look in your eyes"

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