Give em something to play on!

Ok, so this my friends is for a really good cause! I got some fam that attends this school Crown Pointe Academy. The school is new and amazing! It was recently built due to over crowding at their last location. After being built however the Academy did not have enough funding to build a playground for the kids. Sad face, right? I mean What the fuck Elementary school doesn't have a playground!? And how seriously sucky for the kids that go there! WTF are they supposed to do at recess?
So here's the scoop, starting November 1st Crown Pointe Academy will have the chance to win a $50,000 grant to be used for playground equipment! But in order to win these snaps, they need votes! So pretty please with sugar on top go to : and vote for this idea! Oh you can also vote via text by texting 103841 to PEPSI(73774)! Thats how I vote, it's easy. So you can vote once per day, everyday in November!
They really need your votes on a count of these little motherfuckers really need some shit to play on! Otherwise they'll end up in gangs, and jail, and on drugs, and pregnant, and all of that bad shit that happens to kids without monkey bars!  So vote your faces off please! Every time you vote I will give you a kiss! :) ... wait, does that ,make me a hooker? Well whatever, so be it! Call it hooking for a good cause!
Thank you all for your support! Love your faces!

"Turn the world upside down and use the train tracks for monkey bars."

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