Putting lipstick on my fist gonna give you a kiss

Seriously two of my favorite fucking things ever Nicki Minaj & MAC Cosmetics! And it's about fucking time if you ask me! So yeah, MAC & Minaj have teamed up to release a new Nicki Minaj lip color "Pink Friday4" to coincide with the release of her new album Pink Friday. The album is set to hit stores November 22nd, which isn't even a Friday, so thats kinda dumb. Not positive if the lipstick will be released the same day as the album, but fuck, please make it soon!! The color is rumored to be a hot pink. A mix between MAC Pink Nouveau and Girl About Town (one of my favs). It'll def be a limited edition so get it while it lasts bitches! Thank god for my pro card!
I''' keep you fuckers updated as more details are released. Word.
"I love when it's on, baby kiss me till it's gone"

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