better late....

I know it's late, and I know I need to step my blog game up. Don't tell me shit. I'm fucking busy ok.
Anyway, I hope all my booty lovers had the best Christmas ever! I know I did! I thought this Christmas was gonna be real hard in light of all my recent "life changes" but it was actually one of the best Christmases i've had in a really long time. My mini got everything he wanted, and I was surronded by familia and friends! We had a Christmas Eve hat party which is my absoloute fav kinda party ever! Even Madukes and Papa Bear rocked hats! Ha!
So word up to all my readers, ya'll are the fucking baddest as if you didn't already know! Thanks for reading my shizz.Oh and yeah I def failed to mail out my Christmas cards too so consider this post your Christmas card from me and Mini! And NO, I'm not with the politically correct Holiday bullshit! It's CHRISTmas and nothing else in my world! Shout out to baby Jesus! Happy Birthday lil homie!
Here's me and my Mini's Christmas picture! Courtesy of the coldest.... Ashley Quezada. Pow!

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