Buttermilk Biscuits

If you're a booty reader, then you pretty much already know about the CasualS. The Car Club/Crew extraordinaire is officially my new familia. I mean they were def familia before, but now it's just super official. Weekend before last Mini and myself officially became a member of the CasualS Crew. We are both super honored to be part of such a legit organization. I personally think its the perfect fit for us on a count of the love we all share for cultura, music, cars, and music. Used to be the only place I could find a cold beer, hot carne and oldies on a Sunday afternoon, was my Papa Bears garage. Now we have a place a little closer to home with the same love. Oh, and I'll never think of buttermilk biscuits the same again... yuk yuk
So as an official member of the CasualS... we celebrated. Duh. Here's some flix from my first night as a Casual and the Patron fueled debauchery that ensued.

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Dd.Lux said...

Must have a hoodie!