Duhtee mouth?

OMG Bun Blaze sent this to me! It is frickin hilarious, on a count of we have had so many conversations about this topic! Yeah, bitches talk about shit like this.... all the fucking time! I've even had to coach her through a sexting session or two, with a few boys who shall remain nameless. Jenna is fucking AWFUL at dirty talk, phone sex, sexting, or anything like it! She cannot even force herself to utter the word pussy, without laughing uncontrollably!
So if you like a girl with a nasty bedroom mouth, sorry but Jenna is NOT the girl for you! Sorry boys I tried to teach her the wicked ways, but some bitches are just not cut out for it. But don't get it twisted, although she has an Orbitz clean mouth, I've heard she's pretty much amazing! Minus her "where you're allowed to stick it" rules. Bwahahaha! Sorry Bun, I had to.


J Bunny. said...

You right, you right. I cant help it bia... even thinking of dirty talk makes me start to giggle. Bahaha... thank god you have been there for me through the hard times (aka sexting sessions) hahahaha!

J Bunny. said...

(816): Even his old football coach jokes about how big it is. I dont want to be alone in a room with him and that monster.

Iman Woods Creative said...

Dude. This is the Awesome. Privacy!