Movie it like Bernie

So if you haven't seen the movie "Weekend at Bernie's" you're a dummy! The movie is hilarious, and used to be one of my favs! So for the lames who don't know what its about lemme fill you in. Basically two dudes go to visit their boss at his beach house and when they show up he's on dead body status. So they tote his dead body around all weekend so no one knows he's dead. It's funny, but not near as funny as this new motherfucking dance "the Bernie". I guess the idea is to dance like a dead guy and/or move like Bernie from the movie. Let me just say that I haven't laughed this hard in a long fucking time! It's even more hilarious if you're familiar with the movie. 
So I have two questions: 1. Who the fuck comes up with this shit? I guess when you're a rapper, rapping about money and hoes and poppin bottles can get kinda old.... and B) How the fuck do the people in this vid have this much time on their hands? I feel like they should be in school or something. right? Well whatever, i'm just glad they made it on a count of it officially made my entire week! I'm totally gonna Bernie it up this weekend! From now on I will only do the Bernie dance! ok ok and maybe the stanky leg.
side note: white guys are terrible at doing the Bernie. 

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Anonymous said...

OK, so I have a serious personal vendetta against those movies. Yes, PLURAL BECAUSE THERE IS A SEQUEL - how? HOW? Tell me. Bernie movies cause irrational rage in me. I want to punch objects and slit throats when I think about Bernie. What, like they wouldn't smell the rotting flesh? It's so stupid that I just want to vomit all over the TV screen when Bernie is on it. And now - what is this, NO! Bernie the dance move? I am quitting life. Done. I am done with the life. Like Bernie. Heh.
- Aimee