Where is home?

"Fuck notoriety I'm takin a stand"
So if you all haven't heard this track yet, wake the fuck up already! This is the One Eyes Kings new shizz feat. Hasan Salaam (a good friend of mine and one of my favs).  From the "In the Land Of The Blind" EP the single "All Roads Lead Home" is pretty much murderous! Serio shit is mad deep, it'll make you you think for sure. They seriously killed it on this one.

"In The Land of the Blind EP serves as O.E.K.’s introduction as the newest members in one of the country’s most vibrant music scenes-Denver. The lead single from the EP is “All Roads Lead Home” Ft. Hasan Salaam who is known for his own “eye opening” antics on FUSE TV. When Salaam won the “Hip Hop President” contest, he made a statement as bold as Kanye’s infamous “George Bush” speech about “Lobbyist, corporate conglomerates and their affiliation with news columnists.” Controversial Salaam is a perfect fit for One Eyed Kings two former service men who share the same quest.
Setting the tone right off the bat over the hypnotizing bass and piano loop, Hasan Salaam opens with “Home ain’t necessarily where you reside…” to start the explanation of the journey he and Bravo have taken to get to this point. Weaving through subjects such as abortion, loss of family members and eventually, rising from the flames."

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