Cause my papa bear said so!

Um yeah believe it or not, my parents did not name me The General. Crazy right? I do have an official government name, and no it's not fucking Jen! It's Angel, cause I am one duh... Ok well lets just say my parents were kinda hopeful when they named me. And technically it's Angelita, but growing up none of my wonder bread ass teachers could ever seem to get it right. So we whitened it up and went with Angel. I'm wit it tho, I couldn't see myself having any other name I suppose. Well except for maybe The General, Gen Boogie, Your Highness, and of course my favorite... Mom.
OK, so here's a tip. If you ever meet someone named Angel (including myself), please keep the angel eyes, angel baby, and "are you really an angel?" dumb fuck comments to yourself. They are not impressive, funny, original, nor will they get you kissed.... ever. I was pretty much over the "angel" references when I was like 6.
Now being named Angel isn't all bad... I mean so many amazing musicians have written songs about me. Yup that's right any song with Angel in it, is most likely about me. Even the ones that were written before I was born. (fuck you it's my world and I'll believe whatever I want. word)
So in honor of my extra dope, slightly altered government name, here are my top five favorite songs about me. Trust me there are a lot more than five, but it's late so that's all you're getting.  Oh also if someone could get on making more songs about The General, that'd be great too. Thanks

#1 Angel - The Game feat. Common
#2 Angel - Shaggy
#3 Angel Baby - Rosie & The Originals
#4 Earth Angel - The Penguins
#5 Pretty Little Angel Eyes - Curtis Lee

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