Ay, so it’s 2011. Word the fuck up for that! 2010 was a fucking raper! I wish I could kick it straight in the face! But I suppose it didn’t kill me, so you know what that means…. I'm not dead. Ha. Oh yeah and I'm stronger. So every year I make this list filled with all this shit that I feel like I should accomplish over the next year. Some of it I handle, most of it I don’t. So this year I'm gonna just keep all that shit to myself, thataway if I fail, I’ll be the only one who knows it. This is an amazing plan, fuck you if you don’t think so!

So really then all you should know is that 2011 will bring out the baddest in me. I promise not to disappoint. I got my head right, and I got some solid motherfuckers behind me. This year will be about healing and conquering. And if necessary breaking faces. I will do it all with a smile on my face and stilettos on my feet. So get ready eleven you're about to get fucked!

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