Feels like I'm walking on sunshine!

Haha ok, so the post title is a quote from my fav episode of Intervention. Although I'm pretty sure the producers did not intend for this series to be a comedy, gawd damn some of the episodes crack me up. Especially the one with the girl that huffed air duster. WTF? Who even thinks up that shit? Apparently huffing air duster makes you feel like you're "walking on sunshine". Oh and it makes you mad crazy, and ugly, and pale. I'm positive I'll never get addicted to that! Oh and have you seen that addiction show where that bitch was eating toilet paper?! How does an addiction like that even start? (Ok sidebar: I have eaten toilet paper once in my life, or maybe it was a paper towel, I can't remember. But let me assure you there was a really good reason for it, and it resulted in an amazing, unforgettable night. Oh, and Jenna did it too so judge her as well) Anyway my point is, people these days have some seriously fucked up addictions.
I think all of my addictions are pretty much normal. Here's a list! (I know you missed the lists)These are in no particular order. Oh you should also know that I consider them addictions based on the fact that I NEED to have them pretty much on a daily basis. And I sometimes freak out if I don't.
  • Chapstick - I may or may not die without it. I have spare tubes stashed everywhere.
  • Lip gloss - To go on top of my chapstick. Duh. I think most girls are addicted to lip gloss. At least the glossy bitches I run with anyway.
  • Echo Kisses - Ok, I don't usually require them daily. But if I find myself thinking about them I pretty much need them immediately! Echo kisses never ever disappoint.
  • Soda Pop - I've tried to quit, and I can't. I just can't.
  • Hand Sanitizer - It's kind of a problem. I don't eat it or do weird shit with it. I just rub it on my hands. But I feel like I do it all day long! If I see it, I feel like It's a sign that I need to use it.
  • Painting My Nails - I feel like a new polish color everyday is necessary. I wish it didn't take so long to do tho. I need one of those things in Total Recall that just changes your nail color all fast. Someone invent that shit in real life asap. Thanks
  • Jonny Brasko - Nuff said.
  • Candy!!! - OMG I'm like a fucking 3 year old! I keep boxes of candy in my desk, car and all over my house. The other day I got so excited to have Mike & Ikes that I spilled them all over my car. I kind of wanted to cry a little. Om nom nom om nom.
  • Love - Eh, you know what it is. I think we're all a little addicted to it. It's still up for debate whether or not it's a good addiction or a terrible one.
  • The Interweb - I'm pretty much on it all the fucking time. It's sad, I need to break this bad habit like rightfuckingnow! Excluding blogging of course.
All in all, not too bad. It could be a lot worse, I could be addicted to crack, or sucking my thumb. So there's a few items that I'm gonna work on, but for the most part I'm ok with my addictions. I own them, they don't own me.

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J Bunny. said...

bahahaha... we totally ate TP...