Oh you fancy huh?

In the never ending quest to have the flyest manis, I've pretty much tried everything! My manis tend to last an average of 3-4 days. Once my polish chips I just pick at it till it looks so fucked up that I have to do a fresh one. I def feel like my nails are always wet! I have tried the dry polish, minx, broadway etc. and until now hated every single brand with the exception of Incoco (which you can't really find anymore). I liked Incoco on a count of it was thin and easy to put on, and it lasted for fucking ever! Minx was crap! It was all wrinkly and lifted like a day later, same with broadway. So I recently came across some reviews on these Sally Hansen Salon Effects nail strips. From what I read, they were super similar to the Incoco consistency. But I had to see for myself. I found them at walgreens for $9.99 a box. They do have some super wicked designs tho. I bought these two:
I applied them today while sitting at my desk. (apparently I have a ton of important work to do) It was quick only took like 15 minutes. The best part is that you don't have to worry about fucking them up cause there is zero drying time. My only complaint is that the box says there's 16 strips included, and there was definitely only 15 in my package. Someone at the nail strip plant is fucking up! Other than that I love them! Here is the end result:
I'll be rocking this extra fancy mani for Miss Rachel's B-Day debauchery this evening. Also lets see how long it takes for the biters to be rocking the same shit. Ready...... GO!

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