Say goodnight to the bad guy

Is it wrong that most of the time I root for the bad guy? I like villains, they are awesome. Ok, so in most movies they usually end up dead or in jail or melting. But they usually go out guns a blazing! And if they don't meet their demise, they usually somehow turn into a good guy (which is nonsense). You're either a good guy or  bad guy, you cant be both.
In most movies, I think they have it all twisted. For example, they usually portray the police as the good guys. Well, we all know that the police are fucking awful! Oh and Darth Vadar, he was totally just misunderstood. I'm sayin, don't believe the hype.
Here's some examples of perfectly decent villains who were totally given a bad name!

Maleficent: Ok, no one with an eyebrow arch like her could possibly be that evil! I feel like the three little fairy god mothers were just hating on her! They are most likely jealous of her! As far as sleeping beauty goes, that bitch was lazy anyway, and pretty much got what she had coming. I have mad love for the villain with a perfect ruby red pout & matching manicure! And after all, every one loves a bad bitch! 

The Shark in Jaws: I mean seriously, how is he the bad guy? Technically all those motherfuckers that got eaten were all up in his feeding area. If you're gonna swim around in my bowl of soup you have to know that theres a pretty good possibility that you're gonna be fucking dinner. I think he was also underestimated. He wasn't just some dumb fish, he knows that main characters taste waaaay better than extras! Duh.

Cruella deVil: I mean really you can't knock the bitch for wanting to be fabulous. I know most people don't go to the extremes that she did, but when a girl wants a fur coat she does what it takes! She has vision and drive, both admirable qualities. And in all honesty 101 Dalmatians is far too many! Seriously, share the wealth. I have mad love for the bitch and her "out of the box" fashion sense.

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Iman Woods Creative said...

Good (evil) point ;)

Susan Sarandon was pretty hot as an evil dragon in Enchanted.