Stand up, State Your Name

Yo this shit is brand spankin new today! Adrian Molina has officially released his newest  project, Name & Town w/ Diles, and it's really really fucking good. The whole album has a different feel than his previous projects. It's a little grittier a little more city. Reminds me a bit of The Rat Pack for some reason.  The thing I really dig about this dude is unlike most "rappers" he's humble and mad appreciative of his success. That's a rare quality these days.

"It's where you at, and influences that made you"
The first official single is Name & Town feat. Mane Rok. This track goes hard as fuck, as does the entire album. For real, y'all gotta hear this. Today is tho official online release, so if you know whats good for you, you'll get on it like rightfuckingnow!

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