You keep me the sunshine, save me the rain.

For some reason I'm in a negative ass mood today. I feel like everyone I know is pissing me off in one way or another. I feel like either screaming or ripping the flesh off of someones face. Maybe I need to go out and start a fight to get some of this aggression out. Geezus I've listened to "Drop the World" like 7 times today. It's probably not helping the cause.
Whatever, I'm embracing my nasty fucking attitude today. Sometimes you just gotta roll wit it, ya know. So here's a list of shit that pisses me the fuck off.
  • Being ignored makes me really fucking mad. I feel like everyone should think I'm as important as I think I am. If I text you or email you, you better be responding really fucking fast. I don't really care for excuses.
  • Un-plowed/un-shoveled roads/sidewalks. It's been like a fucking week since it snowed. Handle that shit already! At least throw some ice melter down. If I slip and fall one more fucking time, someone is gonna pay with their face.
  • People that don't have inside voices. Seriously this is some shit we learned in kindergarten. And do you notice the people that cant control the volume of their voices never have anything good to say. If you're gonna talk loud as fuck at least talk about something of interest to others. Thanks.
  • My iPhone shuffle setting is another contributor to my bitter mood. For some reason it's playing every single song that I have no desire of hearing today. Making me think about shit that I don't want to think about. I think I'm gonna just put "Drop the World" on loop so I can keep my angry face on all day.
  • Wrinkles. Fuck them. Fuck them hard. I feel so super old lately. It really makes me extra angry for some reason. I feel like I'm way older that everyone around me.
  • Bills. They never end. I wish they would. I feel like I always "owe" something or someone. I don't think I'll ever truly be debt free. Grown up bull shit.
  • The unloyal. You know who you are. If I allow you into my circle of trust, consider yourself way fucking lucky. And it's in your best interest to prove yourself worthy. I need people in my corner that I can trust. And who will never ever double cross me. If you ain't runnin with me, you should be runnin from me. (shout out to Kelly Kel for being my ride or die)
  • Feelings. I hate them. Sometimes I wish I didn't have them. They make me do stupid shit. Shit that's out of character for me. I usually regret things that I do based on feelings. I may never learn.
  • Being told. Really just being told anything in general pisses me off. Even if you're right and I'm wrong, I don't wanna fucking hear it. Don't tell me what to do. Don't tell me what not to do. Don't even make suggestions.
  • The bathroom stall at work that always locks me in! Why can we not get this fucking thing fixed? I feel like its evil like the car on that move Christine. I'm convinced that it wants to trap me and kill me somehow. It's a conspiracy.
  • Anxiety!!! This shit has been at an all time fucking high lately! No joke there have been at least 6 days in the past two weeks when I legitimately felt like I was gonna straight up just die. Like my heart was gonna beat so hard it would explode. Oh and speaking of anxiety, if you know what causes my anxiety and you still send me that shit, or insist on talking about it to me or around me.... FUCK YOU! It's fucking mean! Really mean! You're an asshole if you do it.
So that's pretty much it for today. I mean there are the usual everyday pisser offers like traffic, and cops, and people in Cherry Creek. I've kind of learned to maintain with these ones on a count of I have to deal with them quite often. Ay, lets hope I'm in a better mood tomorrow. If I don't snap out of it, I may or may not real life physically hurt someone. Oh and also if I say some mean shit to you today, pretty much deal with it.


GrittyVelvet said...

Foooo Life!

Anonymous said...

It's like you were writing about my day, spot on.