I gotta go...

I'd like to start by saying thank you to all of you who support the blog, the makeup, the clothing and all the other things I do. I appreciate you.
That being said, i've found myself at a sort of crossroad in my life. I have some soul searching to do. This whole Internet thing is kind of a false reality.
Its at this point that I've decided it best to take a step away from everything. Perhaps in the distant future you'll see makeup from Pin Up Pretty, clothing from Whorebath, or a blog post from The Gen. But for now I'm going to focus on making myself a better person, mother, lover, daughter, aunt and friend. Please don't take it personal if I don't return emails, texts, or phone calls. It's what is necessary for me right now.
I appreciate every single one of you. You're the best. But for now, I gotta go...
ex oh ex oh
The Gen

Domino Motherfucker!

I am so fucking excited for this show. Three of my favorites all in one show! It's kinda like Christmas, or my birthday! I've always loved Ice Cube, he can do no wrong in my eyes. Ok, so I do prefer him as a rapper over an actor (with the exception of Boyz In The Hood). His music takes me back to some really fucking good days in my life. They just don't make gangster rap like they used to. I really miss the good ol' boys, when they we're on that straight G shit. NWA, Cube, Ice-T, OG Snoop, and my number one... Eazy. Sometimes a girl just wants to hear about jack moves and murder and bitches and money, ya feel me?  I've never seen cube live before, so I'm super fucking pumped! I really just wanna give him a kiss on the cheek and see him c-walk, you know, so I can cross it off my list of things to do before I die.
As if Cube wasn't reason enough to attend this show.... Food Chain and Diamond Boiz are opening. Food Chain always delivers eargasms guaranteed. And well, if you don't know about the Diamond Boiz, you should probably just kill yourself now. Seriously. They're like the Don Juan of this local hip hop game.
It's an all ages show, so bring your 3 year olds. Ticket available at http://www.bouldertheater.com/.
See you there lovers!


This is tonight. You'll want to be here. Me and my seed will be all up in this motherfucker. It's an all ages show. I like to take my mini to things like this, I think it's good for him. See you tonight!

saying goodbye

This is one that I debated on posting, then I thought ya know what fuck it. Fuck it. This is my opinion on the subject, you don't hafta fucking like it.
I lost my Grandmother a few days ago. She was a beautiful soul, pure fucking gold. Death is never easy and is without a doubt always sad. My Grandmother was sick, and had been for a very long time. She was 93 years old when she died,  just 2 months shy of her 94th birthday. Let me just say that I never want to live that long. Being old and sick obviously changes a person, be it personality or memory, you are not the same. I choose to hold the good memories I have of her, of holidays, of weddings, of good times when she was happy and healthy. The sad ones I will do my best to let go of.
I think it goes without saying that at 93 years old my Grandmother knew little to nothing about technology. Coming from a poor family, she barely knew how to read. So you will not find me tweeting my dead Grandmother, or updating my Facebook status to let her know how much I miss her. I'm pretty positive that wherever she's at she knows how much her memory is cherished. I guarantee you she is not on the other side, reading any ones facebook updates.
I understand that everyone has their own way of mourning. But I can assure you that dead people, no matter how tech savvy they were when they passed are not surfing the web. I know a lot of people who do this. I see it all day long in my timeline and news feed. And I think its stupid. Like I said, this is my opinion and if you do it for a reason other than to get sympathy from your internet friends, then carry on. It's not for me tho. I'll whisper a little prayer for her, and hope she can hear me. I will always miss her, and this she already knows.
We will bury her this week. We will play this song at her funeral, and we will celebrate her life. Word.

purpose found

Download this, It's the fucking truth! Purpose puts it the fuck down! I'm def liking the Fresh Breath solo projects. Good shit! You can thank me later.
Oh and my fav track is Cherry Lipstick! Another one of those joints I'm pretty sure was written just for me! Hahaha word!
"I couldn't be put under if my owner was Michael Vick"


I'ma just tell you that this is where you need to be on Friday night! King FOE will be releasing his mixtape "FUCKFOE" which I'm still convinced is a not so subliminal message for the hynas! The Solution always goes hard as fuck in my opinion, there's no dance party like it! So bring your faces and preapre to have them melted the fuck off.
Oh and if we're lucky FOE will teach us how to Dougie, or at least do that stanky leg belly swang he be doin so well.
side note: FOE is my teddy bear, my bodyguard, and my fucking favorite! If you miss this and you dont have a really good excuse you're fucking dead to me. If you support my shit, you fucking better support his. Nuff said.

hit it from the back n make ya fuckin bra strap pop...

I'm the fucking best. Duh.

I love you dear, but I love me more than that.

This is an amazing project. I'm humbled to be a part of it. Remember ladies, you gotta love yourself before you can find true love. The Inner Beauty Project


I'm an unconventional kinda girl. If a dude buys me candy, flowers, or jewelry for Valentine's day, he can pretty much expect to get kicked in the face slash to the curb. You better come up with something better than that. Plus romance kinda makes me wanna puke.
So boys, if you have an unconventional girl in your world, here's a few ideas... Your welcome.
Kiss My Ass Toilet Paper: Cos it's hilarious and awesome.
The Why I must Have Sex With You Checklist: Cos lists are extra legit and helpful.
You Break it You Buy It Tee: Cos, well it's true.
Love Will Tear Us Apart Banner: Cos every party needs a banner.


Here's some new shit from Cobraconda, my friend Spencer's rap group. They're awesome and hilarious.
K.I.S.S.I.N.G. by Cobraconda

When you see me...

Oh here's another one of those joints made extra special just for me! TI hearts The Gen, I told him he didn't have to make a special track for me on his new album, but he pretty much insisted! So thanks TI it's perfect! Heart you back!
 "I make this G shit look so easy to do"

shout out to one of the very baddest

Is anybody home?

Here is some shit that's been tumblin round my dome lately. It's pretty much all random as fuck really. You love it and you know it. Word.
  • I think it's funny when people try to tell me what to do and/or what not to do. I'll most likely do the exact opposite every single time.
  • Bitches stalk my whole life on the boardwalk! Quit it already, you know who you are!
  • Power balance bands are sooo fucking legit! I haven't fallen down since I got it! Big ups to my dude Stone for hooking a bitch up!
  • I've learned recently that it's not the quantity of friends it's the quality of them that really fucking matters. I have very few but very fucking legit friends in my life! I've become so super weary of people these days. Maybe I'm scarred from trusting bitches and learning the hard way most hoes are only about themselves.
  • Sometimes I eat peas for breakfast. I like peas. I'll eat them whenever I fucking want to.
  • Snow days are the best! Especially when it's not really snowing and you can pretty much still go places.
  • My son is a funny motherfucker. He's so different from other kids. Also he's really the only kid that I don't wanna kick.
  • Sometimes I wish people would hit me up just to be like yo, what up, how you doin, whats new.... And not call me just to be like yo I need this or that, or can you do this favor for me. That shit is getting real fucking old.
  • I miss my weave and want it back immediately!
  • Home made mi cheladas are the fucking business! Bud Light ain't got shit on JB & The Gen mi cheladas! Ask somebody (but if you do you'll have to ask either me or JB cause we're really the only ones who tasted them)
  • I somehow got suckered into running a half marathon. What the motherfuck was I thinking? I need to get my moderately fat ass into the gym like yesterday.
  • I'm currently beefing with insomnia, that bitch has been fucking with me lately! We can get the heads tho.
  • TI's song Amazin' has been stuck in my fucking head for like a week straight! This is not ok.
  • I'm tired of the way everyone looks these days, including myself. I'm getting back on my east los LA chola shit. Fuck it. Fuck it.
  • I'm ready for summer. Nuff said.

looks weird, tastes amazing

You already know I'm not about posting shit cos it's local or just cos it's someone I know. I've said it before and I'll say it again, I post shit cos its good! Or in my opinion anyway. So fuck you if you don't like my philosophy. The fuck do I care? This is honestly some good shit right here. If you download anything this week, download this. Cannonball Soup, Hosted by the homie Big Joe Thunder. Fo Chief and Kontrast of Fresh Breath Committee killed this one. Shit is real real nice. Props boys!
"I'm a cut different, I got my own swagg"