Is anybody home?

Here is some shit that's been tumblin round my dome lately. It's pretty much all random as fuck really. You love it and you know it. Word.
  • I think it's funny when people try to tell me what to do and/or what not to do. I'll most likely do the exact opposite every single time.
  • Bitches stalk my whole life on the boardwalk! Quit it already, you know who you are!
  • Power balance bands are sooo fucking legit! I haven't fallen down since I got it! Big ups to my dude Stone for hooking a bitch up!
  • I've learned recently that it's not the quantity of friends it's the quality of them that really fucking matters. I have very few but very fucking legit friends in my life! I've become so super weary of people these days. Maybe I'm scarred from trusting bitches and learning the hard way most hoes are only about themselves.
  • Sometimes I eat peas for breakfast. I like peas. I'll eat them whenever I fucking want to.
  • Snow days are the best! Especially when it's not really snowing and you can pretty much still go places.
  • My son is a funny motherfucker. He's so different from other kids. Also he's really the only kid that I don't wanna kick.
  • Sometimes I wish people would hit me up just to be like yo, what up, how you doin, whats new.... And not call me just to be like yo I need this or that, or can you do this favor for me. That shit is getting real fucking old.
  • I miss my weave and want it back immediately!
  • Home made mi cheladas are the fucking business! Bud Light ain't got shit on JB & The Gen mi cheladas! Ask somebody (but if you do you'll have to ask either me or JB cause we're really the only ones who tasted them)
  • I somehow got suckered into running a half marathon. What the motherfuck was I thinking? I need to get my moderately fat ass into the gym like yesterday.
  • I'm currently beefing with insomnia, that bitch has been fucking with me lately! We can get the heads tho.
  • TI's song Amazin' has been stuck in my fucking head for like a week straight! This is not ok.
  • I'm tired of the way everyone looks these days, including myself. I'm getting back on my east los LA chola shit. Fuck it. Fuck it.
  • I'm ready for summer. Nuff said.

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