saying goodbye

This is one that I debated on posting, then I thought ya know what fuck it. Fuck it. This is my opinion on the subject, you don't hafta fucking like it.
I lost my Grandmother a few days ago. She was a beautiful soul, pure fucking gold. Death is never easy and is without a doubt always sad. My Grandmother was sick, and had been for a very long time. She was 93 years old when she died,  just 2 months shy of her 94th birthday. Let me just say that I never want to live that long. Being old and sick obviously changes a person, be it personality or memory, you are not the same. I choose to hold the good memories I have of her, of holidays, of weddings, of good times when she was happy and healthy. The sad ones I will do my best to let go of.
I think it goes without saying that at 93 years old my Grandmother knew little to nothing about technology. Coming from a poor family, she barely knew how to read. So you will not find me tweeting my dead Grandmother, or updating my Facebook status to let her know how much I miss her. I'm pretty positive that wherever she's at she knows how much her memory is cherished. I guarantee you she is not on the other side, reading any ones facebook updates.
I understand that everyone has their own way of mourning. But I can assure you that dead people, no matter how tech savvy they were when they passed are not surfing the web. I know a lot of people who do this. I see it all day long in my timeline and news feed. And I think its stupid. Like I said, this is my opinion and if you do it for a reason other than to get sympathy from your internet friends, then carry on. It's not for me tho. I'll whisper a little prayer for her, and hope she can hear me. I will always miss her, and this she already knows.
We will bury her this week. We will play this song at her funeral, and we will celebrate her life. Word.


Anonymous said...

So you wont facebook or twitter your grandmother, just blog about her. Nice, i TOTALLY see your division of mentality here. Glad you took the high road here and didn't facebook her, shat on those who did, and wrote about your digital etiquette on your blog laced with profanities about your opinion on her death. Budweiser, Fantasies and Blogger salute you.

The General said...

Dear Anonymous,
Thanks so much for taking the time to read and hate on my blog. If you read the blog you would notice that I wrote "about" her and not "to" her. Also pretty much everything I do is laced with profanities, they are just words, words don't own us. This is my opinion on the subject. That's the beautiful thing about being an American, freedom of speech. Oh and speaking of words, "anonymous" is just another word for "coward". At least I put my name behind my words.
If you don't like my shit, don't fucking read it. I hope your day sucks.
ex oh ex oh
The Gen