Ain't too many give off this kinda light

Check the newness from the homie MC Big House. This dude seriously has the smoothest voice since Barry White. Not to mention he's a great big teddy bear! Mosdef one of my favorite people. Word.

kiss with a fist

Thought I'd bring this one back, on a count of it's kind of relevant right now. Word.

Lookin for a freak to slow it down like break lights

Peep the new Foodchain vid. These dudes are my fucking favorite. Now you know. Yes indeed.

buh bye bombshell

The original raven haired vixen has left us. Elizabeth Taylor passed this morning at the age of 73. I've always loved her, mostly looking at her. She proved that brunettes are in fact the ultimate bombshells. She's most likely already moon walking with The King of Pop himself. Vaya con dios beauty.
“I want it all quickly, 'cause I don’t want God to stop and think and wonder if I’m getting more than my share.” ~ Elizabeth Taylor

what's that sound?

I forgot how much I like this song. It reminds me of this one time when I was walking through the lobby of my building, this little old man was walking behind me. He was keeping up with me on a count of no one really walks all that fast in stilettos. He walked behind me through the entire lobby, and outside of the building. I glanced over my shoulder a couple of times trying to decide if I should be creeped out or not. Then I came to the conclusion that because he was super old, I could totally take him down if need be. So once we had almost reached the parking lot, I turned around again. He said "Excuse me, I wanted to tell you that I enjoy the sound of your shoes. It reminds me of my wife, she died 7 years ago. Her shoes made the same sound when she walked." Then he smiled and went on his way. It made my heart happy, and I think it made his heart happy too.
I love the sound of heels on a hard surface floor.... and no not like sound when the strippers clunk their giant clear platforms onto the stage. The sound of a woman walking in heels, you've heard it but most likely not paid much attention. Listen closer next time. It's kind of amazing.

Oh and here's what I'll be listening to on my way through the lobby today. Now you know.

I don't wanna let none of them go

1997 was a good year.

missed me, missed me, now you gotta kiss me!

Wow! Lemme tell ya, a few weeks off does a girl good. I’ve actually been quite productive since I left you. I think alone time is something everyone needs. Even if alone time just means disappearing from the web for a while. So I won’t make any empty promises like blogging every day, cos that’s just impossible. When I have some shit I wanna share with ya’ll, I will. When I ain’t got nothing for ya... well then you’ll see me when I do.
So, I’ve actually learned a lot in the past 4 weeks believe it or not. I see it my duty to in turn educate my readers. In list form of course. (geezus you didn’t think I took a break and my ADD went away did you? Pshhh never that.)
  •  I do not trust bitches. I only trust family. Don’t trust bitches, they be trifling. Duh.
  •  I have limits. I wish I didn’t. Limits are for suckers.
  •  Pompadours still go hard. Mini has a new pompadour. It goes hard.
  •  I started working out again. I'm mad sore. It feels fucking great. I refuse to be fat again.
  •  I eat McDonalds oatmeal 4x a week. It’s pretty much delicious.
  •  Hurting people sucks. I'm a cunt. I wish I wasn’t.
  •  My ex isn’t all that bad. He is a terrible husband, but he is an amazing friend. One of the best.
  •  Real best friends are those who have been there all along. G is my best friend. I love her to the moon. She keeps my secrets.
  •  I hate choices. I'm terrible at them. My choice maker is broken.
  •  Why the fuck would anyone want cake if they couldn’t eat it? I like eating cake.
  •  I have a new found love for BBQ. I could eat it allfuckingday. I know it’s bad for me. I eat it anyway. In the end I know BBQ will most likely stop my heart.
  •  I'm terrible at finishing projects. I'm not a project chick.
  •  Audio books are the fucking business. I can read, I just choose not to. I wish I’d have discovered them sooner.
  •  Mini has terrible posture. He gets it from me. I'm not proud of that.
  •  Mini is beyond handsome. He gets it from me. This makes me proud. I am handsome.
  •  I’ve perfected my red beer recipe. No one can touch it. It will melt your face off.
  •  I’ve missed blogging. I do have a bunch of shit to say all the time. It’s like that, and that’s the way it is.

Show me just what kinda Saint that you can be...

Happy St. Patrick's Day motherfuckfaces! Here's a little joint from one of the sickest billy bitches around, and a good friend of mine. You're welcome.

Hey there St. Patrick when you drove the snakes away
what did you say to make them go away?
The grounds are safe now and I walk a straight line
I see so clearly now when you are by my side.

Hey there St. Patrick you seem a bit lost to me,
listen for my voice and you can follow me.
Let's go to the place that you keep next to the sea,
and you can show just what kind of Saint that you can be.

Hey St. Patrick if your hills are green
show me lovin like I've never seen
when I wake up in the morning and you're not here with me
I said it must have been one hell of a two wheeled dream.
Must have been one hell of a two wheeled dream.

I'm gone but the memory of me and you lives on
just like a favorite song that you want to hear
when everything feels wrong.
no matter where I go,
no matter what I do,
I'm still thinking of you,
and all the many ways I fell in love with you.
you'll always be my true, my true.

Hey there St. Patrick if I got down on my knees
would you stay here with me to deliver me
from all this evil that is everywhere I see
that never could survive in the kingdom of you and me.

Hey St. Patrick if your hills are green
show me lovin like I've never seen
when I wake up in the morning and you're not here with me
I said it must have been one hell of a two wheeled dream.
Must have been one hell of a two wheeled dream.